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The 2017 Insider Threat Intelligence Report

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Insider threats are among the most difficult for enterprises to detect and stop. In fact, thousands of organizations go about normal operations day to day totally unaware that there are major security vulnerabilities within the enterprise – and they’ll have a rude awakening when those vulnerabilities result in a major data breach. One of the main reasons why insider threats are so difficult to catch is that, while most security professionals think of them a singular type of threat, there is a huge variance in how they operate. Insider threats include malicious insider data thieves, outside infiltrators, and even oblivious mistakes.

At Dtex, we’ve spent the past decade dealing directly with insider threats. Every day, we analyze user behavior data from a wide range of enterprises: big and small, from all kinds of major industries. As we work with this data hands-on every day, we’ve noticed some distinctive trends over the years that help us recognize and fight insider threats more effectively than ever.

For the first time, we have decided to release this data in the first annual Insider Threats Insights Report. In this upcoming report, we will share with you our unique insights, findings, and recommendations based on our real-world insider threat experiences.

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– Average losses to insider attacks exceed $4,000,000 per year. –