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Dtex’s Enterprise User Intelligence provides the missing piece of the puzzle: a high-fidelity signal into user behavior, directly from the endoint. The market’s leading technology firms, managed service providers, consulting organizations and resellers turn to us to join in their fight against known and unknown security threats. By partnering with Dtex, you can empower your customers with data and insights that they can’t get anywhere else:

A high-fidelity audit trail into user behavior. Dtex combines endpoint visibility with machine learning and behavioral patterns in a unique approach that provides unmatched visibility and context into user behavior.

Close the blind spot. Organizations integrate Dtex with solutions that include UBA, DLP, and SIEM tools to fill the user behavior visibility gaps and build a multi-layered defense.

Privacy conscious visibility. By partnering with Dtex, you offer your customers the ability to put privacy first. Dtex offers knowledge without jeopardizing privacy by using lightweight behavioral metadata and offering patented anonymizaiton features.

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