Dtex Pulse

Dtex Pulse Business Operations Platform

Dtex Pulse provides business and IT users with visibility into the productivity and efficiency of their operations. By collecting usage data from a wide variety application and device assets, Dtex Pulse analyzes key metrics to determine utilization and activity levels ensuring employees and remote workers are provided with the most efficient working environment while also ensuring compliance and the efficient allocation of software licenses.

Key Features of Dtex Pulse 

Remote Worker Analytics

Whether it be work-life balance or a global or local crisis, employees are working from home now more than ever. Dtex Pulse helps you quantify the impact of employees and teams working remotely by analyzing applications and device usage, access to data, personal or corporate web-browsing/emailing whether it be on or off the corporate VPN.

Software License Optimization

Unlike traditional software asset management tools that only audit software installations, Dtex Pulse provides a centralized single-source-of-truth for actual software usage by employees across your entire enterprise. As a result, you can make better decisions on future software requirements using detailed management reports and drive out costs as a result of unnecessary licenses.

Identify Shadow IT & Rogue Applications

To keep your company secure, you need to know about everything that’s on them. Dtex Pulse analyzes usage and device data to discover rogue applications and lets managers view all application/device/cloud use, authorized and unauthorized so they can take the appropriate action.

High Value Asset Analytics

Dtex Pulse analyzes application and device trends across VIPs, executives and top producers (e.g., content creators, power users, and IP developers) throughout the company. This enables the company to proactively assess its duty of care for overworked or high-stress workers, which is critical within high-stress industries such as legal, healthcare and banking.

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