Get your Dtex Threat Assessment

Uncover risks & security blind spots with a Dtex Threat Assessment

100% of Threat Assessments find some form of undetected, unaddressed security threat. Find out what's really happening in your organization.

30 days. One report. A detailed look at the risks everything else is missing.

Dtex's Enterprise DMAP Intelligence provides global organizations with the visibility and insights they need to fully understand how users interact with company data. Now, with a Dtex Threat Assessment, you can harness these insights in a limited 30 day deployment and get one report assessing your organization and its greatest risks.

Why get a Dtex Threat Assessment?

Understand Your People and Data

Dtex's visibility and analytics allow you to understand where your data is living, how your users interact with it, and where and how it’s leaving the organization. You’ll also get an understanding for how users behave both on and off the corporate network.

Audit Your Security

Are your DLP rules configured correctly? Is your firewall catching everything it should be? Are your employees circumventing your other tools? Your assessment report will show you what's slipping through the cracks.

Highlight Risks for Inspection

Over the course of your assessment period, Dtex will find and elevate your highest risk users for inspection through its unique user visibility and machine learning. Find out where you need to be investing your security resources.

Request Your Assessment:

How It Works:

1. Simple Deployment

Dtex’s endpoint collector is deployed on the endpoints of your choosing. Dtex is lightweight enough to deploy in merely hours and will have no noticeable performance impact.

2. 30 Days of Data Collection

For 30 days, Dtex will monitor your endpoints, collect user activity data, and analyze that data.

3. Your Threat Report

Once the 30 day data collection period is complete, Dtex analysts will review the findings and alerts and compile an executive summary & detailed report that highlights the biggest risks on your organization.

A sample of typical Threat Assessment findings:

74 %


74% of assessments saw the use of unsanctioned portable applications, which are increasingly being used to bypass security.

95 %


95% of assessments found users actively attempting to circumvent corporate security policies.

97 %


97% of assessments found instances of employees engaging in flight risk behavior.


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