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Find Your Hidden Risks with a User Threat Assessment

Dtex gives you the unique, low-maintenance visibility and analytics that you need to see what slips through the cracks.

Dtex has helped hundreds of companies find and stop user threats. The best way to really understand the impact that Dtex can have in your organization is to try it for yourself. By engaging in a Dtex User Threat Assessment, you’ll get the full Dtex experience and have enough data and visibility to see the value that Dtex can bring to your risk, security, and compliance programs.

Request Your User Threat Assessment

A Dtex User Threat Assessment will show you the threats that are slipping through the cracks in one simple, prioritized report.

A User Threat Assessment Benefits the Whole Enterprise:

Understand Your Organization

The Dtex platform’s visibility and analytics allow you to understand where your data is living, how your users interact with it, and where and how it’s leaving the organization. You’ll also be able to get an understanding for how users behave both on and off the corporate network. This knowledge is invaluable when it comes to gaining a general baseline understanding of your organization.

Audit Existing Security Measures

Even if you have an extensive security program that includes solutions like DLP, UBA, SIEM logs or access management, you still have no way of knowing if these tools are failing. Worse, there is no way to identify what data is slipping through the cracks. A User Threat Assessment will show you where your security is lacking.

Support Regulatory Compliance

A User Threat Assessment will show you how your organization is either meeting or falling short of regulatory compliance. Enterprises in healthcare, financial services, and other regulated industries across the globe use Dtex User Threat Assessments to ensure that they remain compliant.

At the end of a User Threat Assessment, you will receive:

At the end of your User Threat Assessment, Dtex will present a User Threat Assessment Report that details findings uncovered during the assessment period. These findings include:

  • A benchmark comparing your organization’s user threat level against other organizations Dtex has assessed.
  • A summary of each key finding by risky activity.
  • Details about the number of users engaging in each risky activity.
  • Threat severity ratings.
  • Details about the user population included in the User Threat Assessment.

A User Threat Assessment Investigation Journal is available for an additional fee.  This includes expert analysis and relevant activities, users, and machine names for high risk user threat findings that were discovered in the assessment.

Here’s how it works…

Because of its lightweight nature, Dtex can be installed within hours and will deliver actionable visibility in days. Dtex’s lightweight collector has virtually no impact on system performance and collects only 1–2 MB of data per day, with little network impact. This means that employee productivity will not be impacted at all.


First Hour

Dtex is installed on your network or on the cloud.


First Day

The platform starts detecting high risk user activity.


Two Week Collection Period

The platform learns user baselines and gets better at identifying anomalies.


Threat Assessment Report

Expert Dtex analysts analyze your data as it is collected. At the end of the assessment, they will generate a report to summarize and prioritize the Dtex Platform’s findings in your organization.