Finding the Disconnect: Perceptions and Behaviors of Today’s Enterprise Employees

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Finding the Disconnect: Perceptions and Behaviors of Today’s Enterprise Employees

As enterprise security discussions shift from the purely operational to the more strategic, today’s security and technology leaders have a host of new challenges and dynamics to contend with – driven largely by digital business transformation, increasingly distributed workforces, and the rapid adoption of cloud technologies.

Compounding the complexity is the associated requirement for more flexible access to data and systems, at a time when the threat landscape is only growing more sophisticated and complex. And because increased accessibility means increased responsibility, the user now plays a critical role in ensuring the security of the organization. Research shows, however, that there’s been a lag in evolving enterprise security approaches to align with this new, user-centric reality…and the enterprise is finding itself more vulnerable than ever as a result.

DTEX explores the root of this vulnerability in a survey conducted in partnership with market research firm, YouGov, focusing on the security perceptions and behaviors of enterprise employees. This report reveals the full set of findings and highlights some concerning trends, which include:

  • Feelings of personal vulnerability driving employees to prioritize the security of their personal data and devices
  • A muted sense of personal responsibility when it comes to organizational security
  • Gaps in both employee security awareness and engagement, resulting in poor security hygiene

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