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H-ISAC: Building a human-centric insider risk program for early detection and prevention of data loss

Building an Insider Risk Program | 3 Experts Weight In

More than two-thirds of IP theft involves company insiders. As guardians of highly sensitive IP, the pharmaceutical industry is a prime target for data theft originating from the inside. In a fireside chat, DTEX Co-founder & CTO Mohan Koo will interview Stewart Draper (CISO at AbbVie) and Scottt Rossi (Head of IT Security Engineering at Gilead) about their experience in standing up insider risk programs to proactively detect and mitigate data loss. Attendees will gain practical insights into the challenges and lessons learned – and the importance of human behavior. Dr Deanna Caputo, Chief Scientist at MITRE Corporation, will close the session by explaining how organizations can leverage the MITRE Insider Threat Framework in their risk strategy.