Information Week Webinar: What We Can Learn from Sports Analytics

Information Week webinar sports analytics for insider risk management

Games cease to be games when they become big business. Professional, college, even youth sports are leveraging advanced technologies to help athletes and teams perform better, and to improve the fan experience. New marketing technologies are emerging, along with AI applications that track human and ball motion, there are lessons to be learned by enterprises in how to apply tech in new ways, including how to deal with the demand for real-time responsiveness.

Watch this webinar and you will learn:

+Ways to use examples of data analytics in the sports world to speed up your business analytics projects

+How some sports teams have solved traditional analytics challenges and how those workarounds can be applied to your enterprise

+Why constant measurement and adjustments that are made dynamically in the sports world are also necessary in business

+How sports teams can predict and project talent and how you can do the same in your own organization

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