2018 Insider Threat Buyer’s Guide

The 2018 Insider Threat Solution Buyer's Guide

The modern enterprise is challenged every day by an ever-increasing number of insider-related variables and risk factors that need to be accounted for when building an enterprise security defense. Even for organizations who believe to have a comprehensive insider threat program established, things like technological innovation, shifting business priorities, and public discourse can quickly force the need to re-examine and rebuild.

At the same time, a complex and constantly-changing landscape of insider threat vendors is poised to become only more complex. In the face of ambiguous claims and false promises, buyers searching for an insider threat solution are finding themselves confused and wary – and understandably so. Many tools claim to “solve” the insider threat problem, but they have a much harder time answering key questions like: What insider threats are they able to detect, exactly? Does their particular solution fit your unique needs, goals, resources, and environment? And if so, what kind of sacrifices have to be made?

The good news is that it is entirely possible to build an advanced insider threat defense that enables – not stifles - the technology, people, and data it aims to protect. The key is choosing a purpose-built solution, developed from the ground up with one primary goal in mind: shining a light on insider threats.

This guide provides the insights needed to find and invest in purpose-built insider threat solutions, including:

  • The five keystones that comprise the most advanced, effective insider threat tools.
  • The key questions to ask when evaluating insider threat solutions and vendors.
  • An overview of the primary solution categories that claim to solve the insider threat problem, and how they stack up against core requirements.

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