Uncovering the Gaps: Security Perceptions of Government Employees


Amid growing concerns of large-scale cyber attacks and a recent wave of high-profile breaches linked to trusted insiders, government agencies are under more pressure than ever to secure our nation’s most highly sensitive and valuable data sources from insider threats. And yet, many find themselves grappling with one simple truth: it’s become nearly impossible to protect the data without also taking the steps to protect the user. And not just from external threats or malicious actors… but also from themselves.

Dtex set out to explore the root of the insider-related security challenges facing the public sector by turning to the insiders themselves. In partnership with market research firm, YouGov, the company recently surveyed government employees with security clearance across the federal, state, and local level to gain a better understanding of their perceptions and actions when it comes to organizational security. And the data revealed some notable and concerning trends, even among a population presumed to be some of the most security conscious.

This report collects the full results of the survey, and includes findings like:

  • How government insiders show a clear disconnect between personal responsibility and organizational security.
  • Where employees unwittingly exhibit poor security hygiene and risky behavior.
  • Significant gaps in overall risk awareness and action.
  • And more insights into the security attitudes of government employees.

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