Fraud and Compliance

Fraud & Compliance with DTEX

Modern regulations require a next-gen approach to fraud and compliance. DTEX’s DMAP+ Technology provides real-time insights into user behavior for modern, accurate, and agile fraud detection and regulatory complaince.

Real Time Fraud Detection

The proliferation of real-time messaging platforms requires security that matches pace. DTEX provides agile insider threat and internal fraud detection in real-time, enabling organization-wide visibility that moves just as quickly as transactions and threats do.

Comply with Regulations

Protect PII and comply with HIPAA and GDPR. If a compromise does occur, DTEX's forensic capabilities can pinpoint compromised machines and show organizations how that compromised actor interacted with company servers, endpoints, and sensitive data.

Monitor Privileged Accounts

DTEX provides visibility into the number of administrative/privileged accounts and how those accounts are used, as well as how privileges are shared. DTEX can alert on unauthorized sharing of privileges, shared administrative account use, and misuse of administrator accounts, ensuring that organizations can detect improper admin access.

Full GDPR Compliance

Employees have a right to privacy. At the same time, there needs to be some level of verification happening, even if you do have faith in your employees. DTEX’s solution is fully GDPR compliance with encryption of data at rest and in motion.

Fraud & Compliance Studies

Case Study

An Opportunity for Innovation: Preventing Bank Fraud in the Face of SWIFT, NPP, and Evolving Technology

Find out more about how DTEX helps fulfill SWIFT controls.

Case Study

DTEX in Action: Global Financial Institution

Find out how this large, global financial institution uses DTEX to detect insider threats and fulfill SWIFT controls through organization-wide visibility.

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