User Activity Monitoring

User Activity Monitoring with DTEX

The advent of distributed enterprises and modern technology means that potential insider threats are everywhere. DTEX provides a solution for proactively monitors EVERY user in an organization, not just persons of interest (POI), whether they're malicious, negligent, or a case of compromised credentials.

User Visibility

DTEX collects user behavior metadata from the endpoint, providing a dedicated signal that sees the important activity that network-based tools and event logs miss.


DTEX utilizes DMAP+ Technology -- a real-time correlation of DMAP telemetry (DMAP stands for: data, machines, applications, people), introspection and predictive modeling -- that compares normal user behavior and identifies suspicious anomalies.

Behavorial Analytics (UEBA)

DTEX comes with hundreds of known-bad behavior patterns across hundreds of customers and thousands of users, which allow it to alert on known threats without lengthy tuning.


DTEX produces alerts that take into account the context around each event, rating them by behavior score so that analysts are presented with an actionable prioritized list.

SWIFT CSC Controls

By providing real-time detection and visisibility and a full audit trail of user behavior, DTEX can also help fulfill SWIFT mandatory and advisory CSC controls. Currently, a large North American financial institution uses DTEX to address SWIFT security framework requirements and detect bank fraud by deploying DTEX collectors on tens of thousands of endpoints and hundreds of servers.

Data Sheet

Machine Learning in DTEX

Find out more about how DTEX utilizes machine learning models to pinpoint suspicious or risky user activity.

Case Study

The Trusted Insider Philosophy

Many security solutions approach the insider threat by treating every employee as a potential security risk, but we believe that effectively fighting insights comes from a place of trust, not suspicion. With organization-wide, privacy-first visibility that treats every user as an equal, security teams can treat every employee as a trusted insider, giving them the freedom to get their jobs done while also feeling confident that they'll catch any potentially risky behavior.

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