The DMAP Enterprise Platform delivers critical security and business intelligence in real-time, at enterprise scale.


Lightweight Metadata Collectors

Near-zero performance impact to endpoint/network
(<0.5% CPU, 3 - 4MB per endpoint per day)

On and Off Network

Offers continuous visibility both on and off the corporate network

Multi-Platform Support

Windows, macOS, Linux | Laptops, Desktops, Servers | Virtual Environments (VDI, Citrix)


Real-Time Streaming Analytics

Distributed NoSQL database with streaming analytics for real-time analysis, visualization and search.

Cloud Ready

Secure, high availability cloud deployments with auto-scaling.

Scalability Across the Enterprise

Flat-file architecture, scalable to hundreds of thousands of endpoints.

Deployment is seamless and provides answers enterprise-wide in just hours.

Here’s how deployment of the Dtex Enterprise DMAP Intelligence Platform works:

First Hour

The Dtex Enterprise DMAP Intelligence Platform is installed on your network or in the cloud and deployed to your endpoints.

First Day

The Platform begins alerting your team to high risk user activity based on behavioral models and starts baselining normal employee behavior.

First Month

The Platform hones behavioral baselines using machine learning, building a stronger understanding of what normal vs. anomalous behavior looks like for each user.


Expert Dtex analysts help you with ongoing tuning, investigations, and alert triage.

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