Use Case Overview

Organizations use Dtex's Enterprise DMAP Intelligence to fulfill a variety of use cases.

Enterprise DMAP Intelligence for Insider Threat

Fighting insider threats requires an innovative approach to both seeing and understanding human behavior. By combining user-focused visibility with machine learning and proven behavioral patterns, Dtex is able to detect insider threats -- of malicious, negligent, and compromised varieties -- with greater accuracy than any other tool on the market.

Original Research

The 2019 Insider Threat Intelligence Report

Insider threats remained to be a growing problem in 2018, as proven by our original research compiling findings from Dtex User Threat Assessments.

White Paper

How Dtex Fights Insider Threats

Find out more about how Dtex fights insider threats, including malicious, negligent, and compromised users.

Enterprise DMAP Intelligence for Fraud

New technology innovations in banking force financial institutions to re-evaluate their security strategies. Real time messaging platforms, for example, mean that only real-time, agile solutions stand a chance at stopping internal fraud incidents. Dtex offers agile, real-time, intelligent detection to stop banking fraud and help fulfill SWIFT CSC requirements.

White Paper

Banking Fraud Detection with Dtex

Find out how Dtex helps global organizations fight banking fraud in the face of innovations in baking technology.


An Opportunity for Innovation: Preventing Bank Fraud in the Face of SWIFT, NPP, and Evolving Technology

Why innovation in banking technology is really an opportunity for financial institutions to take a new approach to security.

Enterprise DMAP Intelligence for User Activity Monitoring

Dtex is a modern alternative to User Activity Monitoring, providing real visibility, actionable context, and lightweight scalability, all while protecting employee privacy. While traditional UAM tools rely on rules to pinpoint risky behavior, Dtex uses machine learning to detect the unknown-unknowns and favor insights over noise. What’s more, unlike many UAM tools, Dtex is lightweight, scalable, and respects employee privacy.

White Paper

Everyone As a Trusted Insider: An Intelligent Replacement for Employee Monitoring

Find out how to build a new approach to employee monitoring.


Long Overdue: Shedding Legacy Employee Monitoring Technology to Effectively Manage Insider Threats

The world demands a smarter approach to insider threats. Learn what it takes to build a new approach.

Enterprise DMAP Intelligence for Privileged User Monitoring

Privileged users like administrators and IT employees are key to any organization, but their increased access does pose an inherent risk -- especially since restricting these employees isn’t feasible considering that they need full access in order to effectively do their jobs. Enterprise DMAP Intelligence offers visibility that scales across the entire enterprise and never hurts productivity. Machine learning capabilities hone in on every individual state of “normal”, which means that admin users aren’t constantly triggering false positives.

White Paper

Managing Super User Risks with Dtex

Find out more about how Dtex can be used to manage the risk of admin and privileged users in your organization.

Enterprise DMAP Intelligence for Endpoint Forensics

Dtex provides unparalleled insights into user behavior on the endpoint, making it ideal for endpoint forensics and investigations. Analysts use Dtex to quickly understand the context and activity around a security event, constructing a full audit trail of the incident and answering the important questions in minutes.

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