Humans are the heartbeat of every organization.

The human factor is the most important element of a business’s ability to operate effectively and safely. The enterprise workforce’s behavior, habits and interactions ultimately determine opportunities and threats, the investments that contribute to efficiency or waste, how and where risks emerge and if compliance mandates are met.

Enterprises deploy multiple security, intelligence and productivity monitoring tools in the hopes of making their business smarter, protecting the workforce from cyberthreats, and keeping IP their own. But none of these solutions focus on the most critical and common denominator in every business activity: the humans powering the day-to-day operations. They may have gigabytes of data at their disposal, generating thousands of alerts, but lack the high-fidelity, streaming behavioral awareness and system activity intelligence needed to maintain the health and security of the workforce.

Introducing DTEX — the first and only Workforce Cyber Intelligence platform that captures and synthesizes more than 500 unique elements of behavioral telemetry from data, machines, applications and people to produce dynamic ‘Indicators of Behavior’ and deliver holistic, real-time awareness about the workforce’s activities without invading personal privacy. Born in the cloud and scalable to millions of devices in hours, DTEX empowers enterprises to easily see, understand and act on contextual intelligence using customer-tested and community-based scoring frameworks proven to stop insider threats, prevent data loss, maximize software investments, and protect the workforce, whereever they may be.

Many vendors will promise visibility and insight. Only DTEX delivers the knowledge to act.

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