Mitigating Living off the Land Attacks, C2 Abuse with Insider Risk Monitoring

Featuring mitigations for malicious insiders that might weaponize trusted workspace applications to exfiltrate data and evade detection.

Threat Advisory by DTEX i³

Detecting the Use of Multiple Identities

Breaking down the risks associated with the use of ChatGPT and other AI chat tools, plus steps for early detection and mitigation.

Threat Advisory by DTEX i³

Insecure Web Apps Creating High Risk for Insider Abuse

This Threat Advisory lists common web application categories prone to exploitation by malicious insiders.

Threat Advisory by DTEX i³

MOVEit Mass Exploit Vulnerability

DTEX advises customers to run the provided queries in this Threat Advisory within the DTEX InTERCEPT platform.

Threat Advisory by DTEX i³

Conversations from the Inside


The go-to podcast for insider risk management, hosted by Christopher Burgess, brought to you by DTEX Systems. Follow our conversation on Spotify.

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DTEX i3 Threat Advisory

DTEX i3 enables enterprise and federal entities to uplift their insider risk capability maturity to detect and prevent the most sophisticated insider risks from materializing into data loss events. The team offers a comprehensive set of insider risk services, including investigation support, insider risk assessments, emerging risk insights, reporting, and more. Download the i3 Solution Brief to view the full set of services.

To talk to a member of the i3 team about the latest research or early warning indicators, request a Threat Briefing.

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2024 Insider Risk Investigations Report

DTEX i³ has released its annual Insider Risk Investigations Report.

This year’s report reveals groundbreaking insights into the behavioral indicators of both malicious and super malicious insiders at every stage of the insider threat kill chain. The report also reveals the growing threat and complexity of foreign interference, and how to proactively mitigate risks associated with advanced social engineering against a backdrop of geopolitical tension and technological disruption.

Download your copy to stay one step ahead.

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