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With DTEX solutions, you can

It’s called workforce cyber intelligence.

Our approach is based on learning from employee behavior, not spying on them. We capture and synthesize hundreds of unique behaviors and automatically zero in on the ones that expose your organization to the greatest risk and inhibit operational excellence. Only DTEX delivers what other solutions promise.

Deploys in minutes

Collects a minimum amount of data. Creates no negative impact on network or employee performance.

Immediate visibility

Delivers continuous enterprise-wide visibility to baseline behavioral activity in the first hour.

Actionable intelligence

Identifies outlier behavior and areas for performance improvement on the first day.

Automated reporting

Calculates internal risk benchmarks and employee engagement trends. Produces executive overview of operational performance analytics and provides actionable recommendations to eliminate risk.

Two powerful platforms


DTEX InTERCEPT is a first-of-its-kind Workforce Cyber Security solution that replaces first-generation Insider Threat Management, User Behavior Activity Monitoring, Digital Forensics, Endpoint DLP and Employee Monitoring tools with a lightweight, cloud-native platform that scales to thousands of endpoints and servers in hours with zero impact on user productivity and endpoint performance.



DTEX PULSE is a Workforce Cyber Engagement solution that empowers teams across the organization to monitor employee engagement baselines and behavior patterns in real time, easily identifying trends and deviations. Highly dynamic, interactive reports enable the business to act on areas of inefficiency, changes in employee behavior and potential risks to day-to-day operations and threats to resiliency.

Explore Pulse


See how the DTEX InTERCEPT and PULSE platforms collect and aggregate user data to imrpove security, detect malware, and monitor employee engagement.

Safeguarding valuable IP at Williams F1

In a highly competitive industry where fractions of a second can make or break success, see how Williams F1 trusts DTEX to protect their data without stalling innovation.


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How can you apply Workforce Cyber Intelligence to your organization?

Set up a meeting with a Solutions Architect to talk about your specific security and productivity needs and learn about the ways DTEX can help you solve those issues.

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