Workforce Cyber Intelligence

See, Understand, and Act

DTEX’s Workforce Cyber Intelligence Platform delivers holistic, real-time contextual awareness about your workforce’s activities, without invading personal privacy, so you can keep your organization running efficiently and securely.

Humans are the heartbeat of every organization. Elevate behavioral and operational awareness. Illuminate user activity. Take a smarter approach.

Visibility for the Entire Enterprise

DTEX scales to the entire organization - with a continuous ‘always-on’ audit-trail for millions of users/devices - rather than trigger-based monitoring for specific persons of interest.

Eliminate Risks with Actionable Intelligence

Proactively understand your highest areas of risk organization-wide, and highlight abnormal or suspicious warning signs.

Swift & Agile Investigations

With DMAP+ Technology at their fingertips, IT and security teams can answer questions, construct trend reports and audit trails, and understand the full context of an activity in minutes.

Lightweight & Fully Scalable

DTEX is so lightweight that it can be deployed without removing other endpoint agents, and scales organization-wide without negative performance impact.


See how Williams F1 Protects Their Most Valuable IP

Williams Formula 1 is one of the top racing teams in the world, and their engineering division handles priceless intellectual property every day. In a highly competitive industry where fractions of a second can make or break success, see how Williams F1 trusts DTEX to protect their data and enable innovation.

Learn how Australia prioritizes Insider Threat Detection & Response with DTEX InTERCEPT

DTEX has been engaged to protect important Government agencies and businesses in Australia with the InTERCEPT platform. From its offices at the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre (A3C), DTEX is working closely with the South Australian Government and other A3C partners to up-skill cyber security professionals to detect and respond to insider threats in real-time.

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Dtex Announces $17.5M in Funding! Read the news!

Dtex Announces $17.5M in New Funding! Read More!