Stop Insider Threats Across your Entire Company - in the Office or Remote

Dtex's Next-Gen Insider Threat Platform allows companies of all sizes to operate securely and confidently, even with an increase in remote workers.

Fill your security gaps. Illuminate blind-spots. Take a smarter approach to insider threats.

Visibility for the Entire Enterprise

Dtex scales to the entire organization - with a continuous ‘always-on’ audit-trail for millions of users/devices - rather than trigger-based monitoring for specific persons of interest.

Prevent Threats with Early-Warning Signs

Proactively understand your highest areas of risk organization-wide, and highlight abnormal or suspicious warning signs.

Swift & Agile Investigations

With DMAP+ Technology at their fingertips, security teams can answer questions, construct an audit trail, and understand chain of custody in minutes.

Lightweight & Fully Scalable

Dtex is so lightweight that it can be deployed without removing other endpoint agents, and scales organization-wide without negative performance impact.


See how Williams F1 Protects Their Most Valuable IP

Williams Formula 1 is one of the top racing teams in the world, and their engineering division handles priceless intellectual property every day. In a highly competitive industry where fractions of a second can make or break success, see how Williams F1 trusts Dtex to protect their data and enable innovation.

Next-Gen Insider Threat Platform for every industry.

Financial Services

Public Sector

Global Enterprises

Financial Services

Dtex’s DMAP+ Technology is the perfect solution for financial services organizations who need protection against bank fraud, especially while using real-time SWIFT messaging platforms.


Public Sector

Dtex equips the public sector to fight insider threats and comply with regulations by fulfilling critical use cases such as monitoring privileged users, providing off-network visibility, and detecting phishing and credential theft.




Global Enterprises

In vastly competitive industries, enterprises need to fully understand where and how intellectual property is at risk. Top organizations choose Dtex to achieve true intelligence into how users interact with data, at scale and in real-time.




The Insider Threat Intelligence Report

Despite increasing investment in security tools, organizations are still getting breached – and so many of those breaches are ultimately due to the human element. The Insider Threat Intelligence Report collects findings from Dtex’s User Threat Assessments to paint a picture of global insider threat insights and trends. This year’s report reveals that 100% of organizations assessed had some form of undetected insider risk. Download the full report to learn more.


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Dtex Announces $17.5M in New Funding! Read More!