You are Blind to End User Activity.

Dtex gives you the data you’ve been missing and the knowledge you need to fill the critical gap.

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What Your User Behavior Analytics is Missing


How Williams F1 Uses Dtex

“Right out of the box, Dtex gave us visibility into what was happening on our endpoints that we couldn’t achieve with any other security product.”

Graeme Hackland, Williams F1

User Behavior Analytics Software

Stop the Insider Threat

Dtex provides total user visibility across global enterprises without negative impact to network traffic or systems. By applying machine learning algorithms to anonymized metadata, Dtex provides bulletproof insider threat detection and risk alerts without violating employee privacy.

Learn how Dtex fights the insider threat >>

Fill Gaps in End-User Visibility

Even if you have the best security tools, you’re likely not getting the data you need to achieve true internal visibility. Dtex gives you the data you’re missing, providing a solid foundation beneath your security program. Now, you can see what’s slipping through the cracks.

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Reduce IT Costs

Fight Malware and APT

Dtex picks up on hard-to-catch changes in user and endpoint behavior, which exposes the unknown unknowns. With Dtex’s visibility and immediate alerts into anomalous behavior, you’ll know right away if your enterprise has been compromised by malware or malicious outsiders.

See how Dtex fights Malware and APT >>

Case Studies

Aston Martin Racing

Cost savings by analyzing IT asset utilization


Mizuho Bank

Greater control of regional users to ensure compliance



Enterprise-wide protection from the insider threat

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