Stop the Insider Threat

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Total User Visibility

Visibility.  Transparency.  Security.
Enterprise Visibility

Intelligent Endpoint Monitoring

Dtex combines an incredibly lightweight micro-agent on each endpoint with a powerful server-based analysis engine to deliver security, visibility, and cost saving solutions.

User Behavior Analytics

Advanced User Behavior Analytics

Dtex automatically builds a user-level
profile of activity based on Dtex data not found in any log files, and automatically identifies sudden changes in behavior that indicate high-risk activity.

Insider Threat Detection

Leading Insider Threat Detection

Despite massive spending on security tools, the threat from insiders is greater than ever. No combination of existing security tools comes close to the simple, scalable visibility from Dtex.

User Behavior Analytics Software

Trust Users Without
Compromising Security

Dtex is the first truly lightweight, massively scalable solution that provides user endpoint monitoring with no noticeable system or network impact. Global organizations can finally “Trust But Verify” while still stopping data breaches and insider cyber threats.

Advanced Insider Threat Detection

Stop Insider
Cyber Threats

Dtex provides total visibility across global enterprises without impacting network traffic or systems. By applying machine learning algorithms to anonymized metadata, Dtex provides risk alerts and bulletproof insider threat detection without violating employee privacy.

Reduce IT Costs

Reduce Costs
By Eliminating IT Waste

The enterprise visibility created by Dtex also provides usage-based intelligence regarding IT hardware and software. Most organizations are over-subscribed to both hardware and software. Dtex’s endpoint monitoring identifies waste, enabling significant efficiencies and cost savings to be achieved.

Case Studies

Aston Martin Racing

Cost savings by analyzing IT asset utilization


Mizuho Bank

Greater control of regional users to ensure compliance



Enterprise-wide protection from the insider threat

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