9/24/2018: Dtex, Insider Threat, Privacy News: CEO Christy Wyatt Tells Enterprise Times UK How to Handle Negligent Insider Threats, CNBC Reports Insider Bribery on Rise, Wyatt to Speak at Forrester Forum on new Trusted Insider Strategy

The insider threat is typically viewed as an action perpetrated by a malicious insider who is seeking retribution against an employer or engaged in a nefarious activity for profit. While these are certainly examples of how it often plays out, there is an entirely different side to [...]

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9/10/18 – Dtex, Insider Threat, Privacy News: Sunday Times’ Insider Fraud Section Features Dtex, CEO Christy Wyatt to Speak at SINET UK, DOJ North Korean Hacker Indictment Highlights Human Vulnerabilities

Public and private sector organization in the US and abroad are increasing their focus on the insider threat. Last week, the Times (United Kingdom) circulated a special report featuring how organizations are using Dtex to counter insider fraud. Based on real-world case studies, the article points out [...]

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9/4/18 – Dtex, Insider Threat, Privacy News: Dtex Announces Record Year, Adds New CFO and NSA Veteran to Team, Human Error Drives UK Data Breach Increase

Increasing insider threat rates that include incidents caused by malicious actors and negligent humans drove demand for user behavior intelligence during our fiscal 2018 year, which lead to a record-setting 12 month period for the company. With 321 percent year-over-year growth, the addition of a new CFO [...]

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David Wilcox on Joining Dtex, and Arming the Public Sector with Intelligence to Combat Insider Threats

**Dtex is excited to welcome David Wilcox as our new Vice President of Business Development for Federal Government. You may have all seen the news this morning of my joining Dtex as the company’s new Vice President of Business Development for Federal Government. After 37 years of [...]

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8/27/19 – Dtex, Insider Threat, Privacy News: Microsoft APT28 Shut Downs Highlight Insider Threat Risks, Tech Heavyweights Seek to Sidestep California Privacy Law

Last week, Microsoft reported that it detected six internet domains that were set up by cyberattack groups associated with the Russian government. According to Microsoft: Last Week, Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) successfully executed a court order to disrupt and transfer control of six internet domains created [...]

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8/20/19, Dtex, Insider Threat, Privacy News: Gov. Official Eyed as Insider Threat, NYT Talks Biometric Behavior Data Collection, eWeek Highlights When Employees Support Digital Monitoring

Last week, the Adams County Government (Wisconsin) announced that personal and tax information on 258,000 individuals had been exposed in a data breach of its “computer system.” The county-issued explanation about the breach on its website and several news reports reveal that the alleged cause was an [...]

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Monday, Aug. 13, Dtex, Insider Threat, Privacy in the News: eWeek Reviews Dtex; DefCon Draws Attention to Election Security

We are less than three months away from midterm elections in the US, a timeline that is not lost on the hacking community. With the conclusion of the Black Hat and DefCon conferences last week, the US is now even more focused on election and voting security. [...]

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Monday, Aug. 6, Dtex in the News: The Pervasive Insider Threat, GDPR Creates Privileged User Security Problems, Vulnerable Humans Behind UnityPoint Data Breach

The Dtex 2018 Insider Threat Intelligence Report continues to lead industry discussions about how frequently the insider threat occurs in public and private sector organizations. Last week, CSO’s Christopher Burgess dove into the report in “How pervasive is the insider threat in your company?” Burgess’ story looks [...]

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Monday, July 30: Dtex, Insider Threat, Privacy in the News: California Data Breach Horror Stories Feature Vulnerable Insiders, Trump Administration Focusing on Privacy Regulation

Last week, VentureBeat reporter Chris O’Brien took a deep look at some of our research about leading causes of data breaches in the State of California. In Daily horrors of cybersecurity detailed in California’s data breach reports, O’Brien chronicled how the reports posted daily to the California [...]

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California Data Breach Reporting Rate Decreases 59 Percent in First Half of 2018; Negligent Employees, Human Errors Continue to Cause Breaches

The number of data breaches reported by organizations required to file notices on the California State Attorney General’s website dropped significantly between the second half of 2017 and the first half of 2018. In the second half of 2017, organizations added 149 notification letters to the site. [...]

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