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DTEX Workforce
Cyber Intelligence Platform

Know Your People, Protect Your Data and Enable Your Business

Humans are the heartbeat of every organization.

The human factor is the most important element of a business’s ability to operate effectively and safely. The enterprise workforce’s behavior, habits and interactions ultimately determine opportunities and threats, the investments that contribute to efficiency or waste, how and where risks emerge and if compliance mandates are met.

The DTEX Workforce Cyber Intelligence platform is the first-and-only enterprise solution purpose-built to capture and synthesize hundreds of behavioral telemetry elements from data, machines, applications and people. Unlike any other solution, DTEX surfaces dynamic ‘Indicators of Intent,’ not alerts, to deliver holistic, real-time knowledge about the workforce’s activities without invading personal privacy.

Born in the cloud and scalable to thousands of devices in hours, DTEX empowers teams across an enterprise to easily see, understand and act on contextual intelligence using customer-tested and AI-powered scoring frameworks proven to stop insider threats, prevent data loss, identify inefficiencies, maximize investments, and protect the workforce, where ever they may be.

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Two Powerful platforms

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Insider Threat Management & Data Loss Prevention DTEX InTERCEPT is a first-of-its-kind Workforce Cyber Security solution that replaces first-generation Insider Threat Management, User Behavior Activity Monitoring, Digital Forensics, Endpoint DLP and Employee Monitoring tools with a lightweight, cloud-native platform that scales to thousands of endpoints and servers in hours with zero impact on user productivity and endpoint performance. DTEX INTERCEPT delivers intelligence that answers the Who, What, When, Where and How related to any potential insider threat situation (link to InT Solution Brief), compromised account event or data loss scenario (link to DLP Solution Brief).

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Employee Engagement and Operational Efficiency Awareness Executive, IT, HR and Legal teams have worked hard to build a culture of trust, high-performance and compliance. It's time for employee awareness solutions to support that culture with a focus on the user as a source of intelligence that will continue to accelerate employee growth, satisfaction and engagement. DTEX PULSE delivers highly dynamic reports that empower teams across the organization to monitor employee engagement baselines and patterns in real-time, easily identifying trends and deviations, and to act on areas of inefficiency, changes in employee behavior and potential risks to business operations and operational resilience.

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DTEX DMAP+ Technology™: Collection, Correlation and Analytics to Power Contextual Intelligence

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DTEX Systems’ patented DMAP+ Technology™ is an elastic metadata collection, correlation and analytics engine that powers InTERCEPT and PULSE. It synthesizes telemetry from data, machines, applications and people to surface dynamic behavioral awareness indicators. Combined, these indicators deliver holistic, contextual awareness about an enterprise workforce’s activities.


DMAP+ Technology uses lightweight forwarders that continuously collect more than 500 unique behavior-centric metadata elements from laptops, desktops, servers and virtual machines. These elements are correlated in near real-time using advanced behavioral models that are mapped against an individual’s normal activity and peer group baselines.  Predictive scoring algorithms continuously process, identify and stack behavioral indicators to stream live status updates and trend analysis.


Continuous Collection of Hundreds of Behavioral Elements

The latest on Workforce Cyber Intelligence

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2020 Insider Threat Report

Our annual report reveals 450% rise in employee behaviors associated with insider threats. Learn what those behaviors are and how to act on them.

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The Ethics of Employee Monitoring

Exclusive research report from GartnerÂŽ details how CIOs can help navigate the ethical and technical challenges of employee monitoring.


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