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A proportional approach for insider risk detection

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Next-Generation Insider Threat Monitoring

There is a time and place for traditional insider threat monitoring tools, but a blanket approach to employee monitoring is not the answer. DTEX’s InTERCEPT platform empowers government and enterprise entities to enforce a proportionate level of monitoring based on a user’s holistic risk score.

Whether you’re a federal agency that needs to meet the NITTF UAM mandates (CNSSD 504) or a Fortune 500 company striving to be GDPR compliant, DTEX InTERCEPT affords the ability to meet multiple use cases in support of a trusted workforce.



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Privacy by Design |
Support over Suspicion

DTEX’s patented pseudonymization metadata collection technique empowers organizations to detect, deter, and disrupt insider risks while respecting an employee’s fundamental right to privacy.

DTEX recognizes there is no one solution to insider risk management. With most insider risks non-malicious in nature, maintaining privacy and negating bias is key to fostering a security-conscious culture. 

DTEX pseudonymization offers organizations a powerful alternative to surveillance-based employee monitoring systems by collecting only the necessary metadata needed to identify risk and escalate appropriately.


Protection, Privacy, and Performance at Scale

A Fortune 500 company required an insider risk management platform to provide better visibility of remote worker activity and limit insider risks without compromising employee privacy or endpoint performance.

“We evaluated three solutions against 19 weighted success criteria, with endpoint performance and employee privacy as absolute must-have capabilities. DTEX was the only solution that could meet the mandatory privacy and scale requirements that are mission-critical for our global operations,” said the company’s Chief Information Officer.

Find out how this global Fortune 500 company achieved privacy-compliant insider risk management at scale.

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