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The Modern Workforce is a Real-time Source of Intelligence Deserving of Trust & Privacy

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The Working World Has Changed and So Must Technology

Traditional Employee Monitoring solutions that rely on intrusive surveillance techniques breach employee privacy and erode trust. While the intent may be to track activity and productivity towards a goal of professional development and operational efficiency, the net result is often a culture of skepticism, caution, and doubt amongst a workforce.

With the Work-from-Anywhere movement here to stay, how can management learn from the workforce in the same way they did when they were able to ‘manage by physical proximity’ by engaging in meaningful interpersonal, face-to-face communications? Hybrid or Remote Employee Monitoring or Surveillance is the WRONG answer.



“Electronically monitored employees [are] substantially more likely to take unapproved breaks, disregard instructions, damage workplace property, steal office equipment, and purposefully work at a slow pace, among other rule-breaking behaviors.”

Monitoring Employees Makes Them More Likely to Break Rules, 
Harvard Business Review, June 2022

Refocus the Motivations: Stop Watching, Start Learning

The modern workforce is a real-time source of enterprise intelligence whose behaviors and contributions offer a rich, contextual data signal that lends insight into the utilization of enterprise applications, the effectiveness of hybrid work models, the adoption of personal productivity tools (Bring Your Own Applications, or BYOA), the usefulness of training, and perhaps most importantly, an employee’s level of personal and professional well-being.

By refocusing motivations on ‘learning’ vs. ‘monitoring,’ employers can build trust with employees, helping to strengthen their sense of moral responsibility, enhance perceptions of justice, and thus preserve, and grow, a sense of corporate loyalty.

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User activity monitoring or employee monitoring for insider risk management DTEX PULSE

Harmonizing Employee Privacy, Performance, and Well-being

DTEX PULSE enables organizations to learn from their workforce by anonymizing an employee’s physical interactions with organizational assets (data, machines, applications, and people), aggregating these interactions across the entire business, and then performing analysis to understand engagement levels without compromising privacy.
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Data Driven Workforce Insights with No PII

DTEX PULSE is NOT an employee surveillance or remote employee monitoring tool. DTEX PULSE’s patented pseudonymization technology and unique data minimization techniques ensure employee privacy is maintained, while innovative behavioral machine-learning models help HR, IT, finance, and cybersecurity teams deliver better day-to-day experiences and foster better outcomes for employees and the organization.

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