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Risk Model

How known risks, normal behavior baselining, cues, and anomaly evaluation deliver context

Fighting insider threats requires more than intelligence.

Insider threats can come from just about any angle. To stop them, you need a solution that brings context and Indicators of Intent to the task. DTEX combines an incredibly lightweight forwarder on each endpoint with a powerful server- based analytics engine to deliver proactive, privacy-conscious user awareness and protection.  
With more telemetry than any other solution, DTEX utilizes patented behavioral enrichment techniques and predictive analytics to automatically build user-level activity profiles and identify sudden changes in behavior that indicate abnormal activity.

Insider Threat Solution Buyer’s Guide

Context is Key

The reason DLP and SIEM solutions arent effective on their own is because they don’t take history, trends and context into account. This results in lots of false positives, wasted time and ineffective monitoring. DTEX collects and synthesizes employees’ normal behaviors and crafts finely tuned alerts based on unusual activity changes. By putting each user’s behavior in context through four distinct steps, we create intelligent insider threat detection that picks up on only the activity that really matters. 


Four Steps to Put Behavior in Context

The Insider Threat Kill Chain

The vast majority of security threats follow a pattern of activity during an attack, and insider threats are no exception. Many security professionals will already be familiar with Lockheed Martin’s Cyber Kill Chain, which outlines the steps that APT attacks tend to follow from beginning to end. Since human behavior is more nuanced than machine behavior, however, insider attacks follow a slightly different path. Over the course of thousands of insider threat investigations and incidents, DTEX analysts have identified the insider equivalent: The Insider Threat Kill Chain, which encompasses the five steps present in nearly all insider attacks. 

The Insider Threat Kill Chain eBook

Insider Threat Kill Chain

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