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Stop IP Theft & Protect the Supply-Chain

Protect IP from Internal and External threats

Stop Sensitive Data from Leaving with Employees

Organizational IP can be difficult to protect because the information is used daily by employees and business partners.  Contract manufacturers need access to designs and part lists, purchasing needs sales forecasts, and IT administrators need access to employee devices.  DTEX InTERCEPT allows unfettered sharing of intellectual property with continuous monitoring of every use of the data by every person in the supply chain.

User and Data-centric Intelligence

Continuous Monitoring Across the Supply-chain

DTEX InTERCEPT stops malicious and accidental loss because not every data loss event is intentional.  Employees may put data at risk when attempting to help the organization such as  downloading files onto portable storage to work from home or uploading sensitive information to cloud storage to share with a partner might be ill-informed attempts to improve productivity.

Only DTEX looks at these actions in context with past actions, including employee investigations of obfuscation or bypassing security controls, to determine intent.   DTEX provides context for all high-risk data handling behaviors, enabling the security team to take proactive action before a breach occurs.

Explore Data Loss Prevention

As one of the largest OEM manufacturers in the world, we have thousands of contractors accessing our systems and data from various locations every day. DTEX gives us continuous visibility across all data and systems that are accessed, alerting us immediately to high-risk activities and initiating preventative action to stop data leaks.” CISO, Top 5 Global Manufacturer

SolarWinds Orion Attack
What We Learned

Attack suggests behavioral profiling of superuser accounts While DTEX InTERCEPTTM is not typically utilized as a first line of defense against such attacks, the nature of this attack suggests behavioral profiling of superuser accounts. Traditional cyber defense methods don’t provide visibility of these kill chain behaviors prior to a breach and organizational exposure. Download and read the DTEX Solarwinds Threat Advisory for detailed observations from our Counter-Insider Threat Team about the behaviors that were likely occurring, and may still be, within customer environments as a result of the SolarWinds Orion software attack.

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