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Next-Gen Infrastructure Awareness & Security

Monitor Server Activity, Prevent Data Loss, Protect Business Operations

Insider Threat & Data Loss Protection for Servers

DTEX InTERCEPT protects cloud, on-premises, and virtual servers from data breaches, insider threats, and outsider infiltration with unparalleled visibility, detection and scalability.  InTERCEPT provides real-time visibility to all server activity as it relates to a user, application and system, applying advanced analytics to discern legitimate activity from malicious “Indicators of Intent” including those commonly associated with data loss such as reconnaissance, obfuscation, and circumvention activities.  This delivers accurate awareness and the ability to pinpoint threats early in the kill chain to identify risks before exfiltration attempts.

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DTEX InTERCEPT – Continuous Server Monitoring @ Scale

See & Stop SolarWinds Orion and other legitimate software-based attacks

DTEX InTERCEPT delivers unmatched visibility to see and stop attacks targeting server infrastructures and trusted software packages that traditional cyber defenses miss.  Only DTEX’s patent-pending DMAP+ technology drives intelligent meta-data collection and activity correlation to identify privileged account misuse, unauthorized use of administrative tools, unusual application updates and behavior, systems configuration changes, domain fronting, and more.

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Learn how InTERCEPT works

DTEX InTERCEPT gives you the visibility you need to see, analyze and mitigate attacks caused by rogue application installation from negligent insiders.


Behavior-centric Data Protection & File Lineage Activity Awareness

All Data Loss is an Inside Job

The vast majority of security threats follow a pattern of activity during an attack, and server-infiltration via administrative and superuser accounts or hidden inside packaged applications are no exception. In order to fully understand any incident, visibility into the entire kill chain — not just one or two steps — is imperative. This is because the earlier phases of the kill chain hold the answers to some of the most important questions.

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