Pharma & Life Sciences

Securing Trade Secrets for Human Health & Wellbeing

Ensuring secure data handling practices has never been so important in the Health and Life Sciences sector. The Intercept platform is central to this mission for two of the world’s most important Life Sciences organizations.

Intentional Data Theft & Accidental Data Loss

Data theft and data loss are priority concerns for pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations. DTEX provides context for all high-risk data handling behaviors, enabling the security team to take proactive action before a breach occurs.

High-Risk Leavers & Joiners

In the pharmaceutical industry where employees often move from one pharma to another, it’s important to ensure new employees are not bringing confidential data from their previous employer. DTEX has helped avoid costly legal actions where this has happened in the past.

“DTEX has saved us several times in the past few years. Interestingly, it’s not always been about protecting our own data. We were able to detect when a new employee was uploading sensitive data from one of our competitors into our network. This gave me the opportunity to proactively contact my peer to inform them that we had quarantined their data and deleted it from our systems. This not only prevented a possible court action, which is common in our industry, but also helped protect our reputation”

CISO, Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Real-Time Detection

The proliferation of real-time messaging platforms requires security that matches pace. DTEX provides agile insider threat and internal fraud detection in real-time, enabling organization-wide visibility that moves just as quickly as transactions and threats do. DTEX offers an opportunity for innovation, with adaptable, real-time, intelligent insider threat detection.


An Opportunity for Innovation: Preventing Bank Fraud in the Face of SWIFT, NPP, and Evolving Technology

Why innovation in banking technology is an opportunity for a new approach to security.

SWIFT CSC Controls

By providing real-time detection and visisibility and a full audit trail of user behavior, DTEX can also help fulfill SWIFT mandatory and advisory CSC controls. Currently, a large North American financial institution uses DTEX to address SWIFT security framework requirements and detect bank fraud by deploying DTEX collectors on tens of thousands of endpoints and hundreds of servers.

Data Sheet


Find out more about how DTEX helps fulfill SWIFT controls.

Case Study

DTEX in Action: Global Financial Institution

Find out how this large, global financial institution uses DTEX to detect insider threats and fulfill SWIFT controls through organization-wide visibility.

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