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Critical Infrastructure

Real-Time Protection Against Insider Threats and Foreign Interference

Insider Threat Mitigation for U.S. Critical Infrastructure Entities

New NCSC Guidelines focus on Workforce Behavior

New report from the U.S. National Counter-Intelligence & Security Center raises awareness of the human threat to critical infrastructure, provides information on how to incorporate this threat vector into organizational risk management, and offers best practices on how to mitigate insider threats.

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Securing the Nation’s Most Vital Assets

Stop Malicious Insider Attacks

Critical Infrastructure is an always-on world.  The organizations cannot wait for an adversary to execute the final steps of an attack.  Instead, defenders must have visibility and recognize signs of an attack as soon as possible. DTEX InTERCEPT’s behavior anomaly profiling capabilities have proven successful at detecting early signs of infiltration and reconnaissance tactics by distinguishing between commonplace user actions and malicious intent.

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“Foreign interference and industrial espionage are a very real threat to Critical National Infrastructure organizations. Being able to detect infiltrations early in the kill chain is an essential capability which many organizations have failed to do. DTEX’s use of behavioral indicators to detect infiltrators in alignment with the MITRE ATT&CK framework will be a priority functionality for us as adversary tactics continue to evolve.” CISO, Australian Energy Provider

Protecting Trusted Insiders

See Anomalous Activity & Credential Misuse

Organizations managing critical infrastructure face some of the world’s most sophisticated and patient nation states hackers.  Trusted insiders are a favored target of APT groups and hacktivists for their credentialed network access.

DTEX includes hundreds of rules to detect abnormal, ‘out of band’ activities without requiring organizations to spend months building rules and tuning to minimize false positives.  Not only does this allows organizations to scale quickly across multiple geographic locations but to identify external attacks utilizing stolen user credentials. DTEX customers have won prestigious industry awards for driving measurable culture change by identifying negligent user behaviors as ‘teachable moments’, then aggregating these statistically to inform targeted security training/awareness campaigns.

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DTEX Insider Threat Mitigation Guide resource

E-books, Solution Briefs

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White Papers

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