Critical Infrastructure

Protecting the Nation’s Most Vital Assets in Real-time

Many of the world’s Critical Infrastructure organizations rely on Dtex Intercept to proactively detect and prevent Insider Threats. This includes a range of Utilities, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, Power Companies and even some of the world’s most critical Data Storage organizations.

Accidental Security Breaches

Dtex customers have won prestigious industry awards for driving measurable culture change by identifying negligent user behaviors as ‘teachable moments’, then aggregating these statistically to inform targeted security training/awareness campaigns.

Detecting Infiltration by Persistent Attackers

Persistent targeted attacks by motivated and experienced hackers are often difficult to detect, even with best in class EDR solutions deployed. Dtex’s behavior anomaly profiling capabilities have proven successful in earliest detection of infiltration and reconnaissance tactics.

“Foreign interference and industrial espionage are a very real threat to Critical National Infrastructure organizations. Being able to detect infiltrations early in the kill chain is an essential capability which many organizations have failed to do. Dtex’s use of behavioral indicators to detect infiltrators in alignment with the MITRE ATT&CK framework will be a priority functionality for us as adversary tactics continue to evolve.”

CISO, Australian Energy Provider

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Case Study

National Telecom Company

This Dtex customer is a major telecommunications company based in the Asia-Pacific region. This company is currently in the middle of a large-scale publicly-funded project to upgrade the telecommunications infrastructure. This case study describes why, and how.


Largest Mobile Operator in the UK

Peter Erceg managed security for one of the largest mobile operatos in the UK. Here how he does it using Dtex

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