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Media and Entertainment

Safeguard Intellectual Property

Protecting IP in a Collaborative Environment

33% of Entertainment and Recreation breaches are due to internal threat actors.

Media companies spend millions of dollars each year developing new content.  They require assistance from hundreds of third-party contractors around the world with whom they share product plans and content in development.  Inadvertent data loss can be just as damaging as a malicious attack and missed deadlines can hurt long-term revenues.

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Track All Access and Protect Privacy 24/7

Visibility to all data and every action for each user

Protecting information in a collaborative working environment is a challenge.  Sharing confidential IP is a requirement and not all partners are equally security conscious.  The Work From Home (WFH) requirement means many collaborators will not have the basic protection provided by a corporate network.  Media and Entertainment cyber-security teams must provide unfettered access to information for legitimate work while identifying and blocking unsafe and malicious actions.

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Malicious activity vs. Unsafe actions and Normal activity

Take proactive action before a breach occurs

DTEX InTERCEPT understands the relationships between a user, their role, the data, and their normal activities to provide context for all high-risk data handling behaviors.  Only DTEX InTERCEPT can distinguish malicious activity from unsafe actions and normal activity, alerting the security team to take proactive action before a breach occurs.


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