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Workforce Cyber Engagement

Next-Gen Employee Visibility, Asset Realization, Operational Awareness and Shadow IT Monitoring

Visibility into Employee Engagement and Operational Efficiency.

DTEX PULSE is a Workforce Cyber Engagement solution that empowers teams across the organization to monitor employee engagement baselines and behavior patterns in real time, easily identifying trends and deviations. Highly dynamic, interactive reports enable the business to act on areas of inefficiency, changes in employee behavior and potential risks to day-to-day operations and threats to resiliency.

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Harmonizing Privacy and Awareness

A workforce’s level of engagement can be measured by understanding when, why, where, and how employees and third parties interact with data, machines, applications, and their peers as they perform their job responsibilities.  An engaged workforce that feels trusted and understands their privacy is respected provides an added layer of intelligence and even protection across the organization.

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Transparent, Contextual, Intelligent Workforce Cyber Awareness

Actionable Workforce Engagement Intelligence

Employees are key contributors whose behaviors offer rich, contextual data that directly indicates the effectiveness of enterprise applications, organizational processes, and efficacy and adoption of collaboration workflows.


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