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Insider Risk

Stop Malicious Insiders, Identify Compromised Employees, Educate Negligent Users, and Respect Employee Privacy

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Enterprise Visibility, Protection, and Privacy

Insider Risk Management solutions have evolved from the convergence of specific attributes taken from Endpoint DLP, User Activity Monitoring (UAM) and User Behavior Analytics (UBA).

Importantly, IRM solutions leverage a metadata approach combined with advanced behavioral analysis to arrive at the same outcomes as the Insider Threat Surveillance solutions (i.e., successful prosecution of insider threats). However, some key benefits of the IRM approach are the ability to identify risks and threats without impacting privacy, endpoint performance, and, most importantly, the capability to proactively remediate insider incidents before they actually happen.

AI-Driven Insights and Investigations

Insider risks are a human challenge that require an understanding of behavior through data-driven science. AI-assisted insider risk investigations provide quick insight and an interpretation of user intent to identify and respond to insider risks with greater speed and effectiveness. For analysts, this means having the critical behavioral insights they need, when they need them, to stop insider risks from becoming insider threats.

Insider Threat Surveillance vs. Insider Risk Intelligence

Insider Threat Surveillance tools have evolved from the “Employee Monitoring” software category and have been traditionally deployed to watch targeted high-risk endpoints or for employees with prior negative conduct or suspicious history. These solutions rely on invasive capabilities to react to insider threat activities including computer screen recording, conversation content scanning, file content scanning, email content scanning, and keystroke logging.

Surveillance of employee activities is not without risk. Before organizations explore the use of insider threat tools and services, they must consult legal counsel and human resources leaders, and set boundaries on the capture, storage, sharing, analysis and destruction of data regarding employee activities. Jonathan Care Former Analyst Gartner, Inc.
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Detect, Deter, Disrupt Risky User Behavior

Behavioral Analytics is a fundamental component of modern Insider Risk Management solutions. To develop an understanding of 'Risk', an IRM solution must first understand normal behavior. Behavioral Analytics is leveraged to create multiple behavioral baselines from which outliers and anomalies are readily identified (i.e., Insider Threats).
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Global Scalability with Dynamic Reporting

Unlike intrusive employee surveillance capabilities that are system resource and network bandwidth intensive by nature, requiring larger than normal processing power from the endpoint device and additional cloud storage, Insider Risk Management offers the ability to readily scale to hundreds of thousands of endpoints with continuous visibility in near real-time. This means out-of-the-box automated reports and dashboards containing intuitive and pivotable visualizations that are easy to understand and actionable within hours of install.

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