Financial Services

Next-Gen Insider Threat for Global Banking and Financial Services

Global banks and financial services organizations require security solutions that can be deployed quickly at tremendous scale. The DTEX Intercept platform has been battle-tested by the world’s largest and most complex banks over multiple years across their entire global footprint.

Malicious Insiders (on Workstations & Servers)

In heavily locked down environments, banks need to proactively pinpoint unusual behaviors and quickly determine intent. (e.g. users bypassing security controls or finding clever ways to exfil data from mission critical server environments).


Many SOC use cases can’t be solved by threat hunting with EDR or AV data. DTEX provides FS organizations with the unique DMAP telemetry and correlation logic to surface the most dangerous ‘needles in the needle-stack'.


DTEX Intercept provides the ‘always-on’ continuous audit-trail required for rapid evidence-based actions. Such actions have led to successful prosecution of the bad actors across multiple jurisdictions, where DTEX was the only forensic data required by the courts.

Internal Fraud

Fraudulent behavior is often detectable long before a crime is committed. DMAP+ technology enables fraud detection, also triggering screen recording for focused inspection of user activity. This trigger-based capability is essential for any screen recording and replay tool to be useable at scale.

“DTEX has provided us with the capability to collect a single set of structured and unified telemetry across 300,000+ users and devices, including servers and multiple operating systems - when combined with their advanced behavior analytics, DTEX has been able to deliver previously unsolved critical use cases for our SOC, Insider Threat, Forensics and Internal Fraud teams, in a single platform.”

SVP Global Security Operations, Top 10 Global Bank

Real-Time Detection

The proliferation of real-time messaging platforms requires security that matches pace. DTEX provides agile insider threat and internal fraud detection in real-time, enabling organization-wide visibility that moves just as quickly as transactions and threats do. DTEX offers an opportunity for innovation, with adaptable, real-time, intelligent insider threat detection.


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