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Identify and act on ‘Indicators of Intent’ rather than staring at log files

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Log files are boring

Most User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) solutions rely solely on interpreting log files. That’s why they miss abnormal and suspicious user activity on the endpoint – like renaming files and other obfuscation techniques. They’re also blind to user activity off the corporate network.  

In fact, many malicious actions look like legitimate business activities – downloading files, copying and pasting data, using screenshots, compressing files, and sharing sensitive information. Without historical and behavioral context, your IT, security and compliance teams can’t know when an action is a precursor to an insider’s malicious action or user account takeover by an external actor.   

UEBA Solution Brief


See and Understand User Intent without Intrusive Data Collection and Rules 

DTEX InTERCEPT provides visibility to all user activity no matter where that activity takes place – on or off the corporate network. DTEX’s hundreds of known bad behavior patterns identify malicious intent and abnormal behaviors without the months of tuning required by UEBA solutions.    

Only DTEX InTERCEPT collects user behavior metadata from the endpoint, providing a dedicated signal that sees the important activity that network-based tools and event logs miss.  This provides near-real-time visibility that gives analysts the full context needed to dismiss or act on suspicious user activity quickly. 



The Insider Threat Kill Chain describes the steps ainsider – malicious, comprised, or negligent – takes to identify and steal sensitive data.  Traditional UEBA solutions relying on log data can see only bits and pieces of the actions in the kill chain, leaving organizations blind and vulnerable.   

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Insider Threat Kill Chain

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