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Dtex Systems Announces Next Generation User Intelligence Platform with Advanced Anonymization Capabilities

Real-Time Anonymization, Expanded Scaling and Enhanced Analytics Provides Most Comprehensive and Advanced Insider Threat Detection Solution

SAN JOSE, CA and LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – June 22, 2017 – Dtex Systems, a leader in user behavior intelligence and insider threat detection, today announced it has added expanded anonymization, scalability and analytics capabilities to its Advanced Enterprise DMAP Intelligence Platform™. The new features provide customers with deeper insights into high-risk behaviors, further protect employees’ personally identifiable information, and aid in maintaining compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

“Securing the enterprise has never been a more complex or greater challenge than is it now. Threats are developing inside networks, intentionally and by accident, that are shutting down entire systems — putting sensitive information in the wrong hands and compromising individuals’ privacy,” said Christy Wyatt, CEO of Dtex Systems. “These latest enhancements to our product are providing customers with the ability to comply with a complex and stringent regulation without compromising the security of their businesses.”

By May 2018, all organizations processing and holding personal data of individuals residing in the European Union (EU), regardless of where the company is located, will be required to adhere to the GDPR. To help enterprises worldwide comply with this regulation, Dtex’s new anonymization features enable companies to anonymize data in real time and de-anonymize on demand with a key held separately by authorized personnel.

Dtex’s Advanced Enterprise DMAP Intelligence Platform™ delivers the industry’s most comprehensive endpoint user behavior analytics capabilities. In this latest update, the Platform will also include additional notable features, such as:

A new software package that can be easily installed onto existing operating systems that allows for more control and compliance in highly regulated environments.Advanced data classification techniques to generate accurate and intelligent metadata that enables faster and comprehensive analytics for detecting complex user behaviorAdditional scalability, which increases the number of endpoints supported by a single Dtex Analytics Server.

“Bridging the gap between respect for privacy and data security can be a difficult task at best, especially when you operate on a worldwide scale as we do. When regulations are heaped on top of an already complex problem, the challenge can become even more exacerbating,” said the CISO of a large manufacturing company. “Dtex has helped us to not only identify where threats to our security are occurring, but also to eliminate the possibility of infringing on the trust we have with our valued employees, partners and customers across the variety of industries we operate in. We are confident that with assistance from Dtex, we will be able to meet new requirements as they emerge and protect our most valuable data assets.”

In addition to new platform features, Dtex is announcing new integrations with user behavior analytics (UBA) and security information and event management (SIEM) companies Splunk, Securonix and Exabeam. The new Splunk application will provide analysts with a single pane of glass to cross-correlate Dtex data with other data and visualize, hunt or create new dashboards. Dtex’s tighter Securonix integration will enable raw Dtex activities and alerts to be viewed in Securonix with minimal configurations. Both integrations will be generally available later this summer.

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