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Dtex Systems Delivers Scalable and Enhanced Insider Threat Detection with New Platform Capabilities and Innovations

Updates Include Advanced AWS Integration, New Enterprise Automation Features and Expanded Endpoint Visibility

SAN JOSE, California – Feb. 13, 2018 – Dtex Systems™, a leader in user behavior intelligence and insider threat detection, today announced innovations to its Advanced Enterprise DMAP Intelligence Platform, designed to meet the need for purpose-built, scalable insider threat solutions that work seamlessly within modern security environments. These new platform capabilities – including an advanced integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), new enterprise automation features and expanded endpoint visibility – ensure Dtex customers are protected against insider threats while maintaining privacy compliance and high performance standards.

“One of the most significant enterprise security challenges is achieving both the agility and the scale needed to defend against a wide range of insider threats. While most legacy technologies are largely unequipped to keep pace with a rapidly evolving and chaotic threat landscape, there are an overwhelming amount of new solutions that come to market without a plan to scale,” said Christy Wyatt, CEO of Dtex Systems. “Our top priority at Dtex is delivering real-time visibility and intelligence in a way that is sustainable and adaptable. This latest version of our platform is a testament to that. With significant enhancements in scalability and cloud readiness, it was developed to support even the most established enterprises and seamlessly integrate with today’s modern security frameworks.”

User behavior intelligence is critical to establishing a successful insider threat program, protecting vulnerable users and defending against data leakage and outsider infiltration. The latest updates to the Dtex Advanced Enterprise DMAP Intelligence Platform are tailored to meet these needs within the construct of today’s cybersecurity landscape, including:

Cloud Readiness. Organizations with private cloud environments running on AWS can now deploy and manage Dtex from directly within an AWS account, and dynamically scale their deployments with Auto Scaling.Enterprise Scalability. Rigorous testing has proven that Dtex monitoring capabilities can be deployed, at full scale, across even the largest, most established institutions – with visibility spanning Mac and Windows desktop and laptop environments.Expanded Endpoint Support. Dtex’s lightweight user activity data collector can be installed on several common servers, including Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft Terminal Server and file servers – allowing organizations to better manage employee access to applications and data, and to more closely monitor their privileged users.Enhanced Automation. New enterprise automation features have been added to support the rehydration process, enabling the seamless backup, restoration and migration of all user behavior data at the time of rehydration.Single Sign-On Integration. The Dtex management UI is now integrated with Active Directory (AD) and Single Sign-on (SSO) solutions like Okta and Centrify. This integration allows customers to authenticate, authorize and audit UI users using either AD or SSO.

Due to increasingly stringent security and regulatory requirements, organizations such as large financial institutions are rehydrating their servers on a regular and consistent basis (every 30 to 60 days). By doing so, all are consistently patched and up-to-date – eliminating vulnerabilities and making servers more secure in the process. This requires that server operating systems be completely wiped and reinstalled with no downtime or data loss, ensuring that all previously accessible data is quickly and smoothly transitioned over to new systems. Dtex now seamlessly supports this transition to new servers as they are brought up without impacting the privacy or performance standards enabled by a modern security infrastructure.

These updates to the Dtex Advanced User Behavior Platform will be made available in early 2018. For more information, please visit

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