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Williams Racing Announces Partnership Extension with DTEX Systems

Williams Racing is pleased to announce a partnership extension with DTEX Systems, the Workforce Cyber Intelligence CompanyTM. The renewal will see the cyber intelligence company continue to provide next-generation insider threat and workforce awareness solutions for the team at least until the end of 2023.

In the world of Formula One, there can be no compromises when it comes to performance or security. It has become more critical than ever that commercial enterprises evolve their approach to employee awareness, monitoring and insider threat management. As a complex organisation with a remote and travelling workforce, operating in a highly competitive environment, Williams Racing knows that DTEX fully understands the challenges this brings. By treating all of their people as corporate athletes, not simply the race teams and drivers, Williams Racing is able to deliver a productive, safe and secure IT environment that supports optimal performance using insights provided by DTEX workforce behavioural intelligence analytics.

DTEX allows Williams to easily see, understand and act on contextual technical and behavioural intelligence to identify compromised accounts, prevent data loss, stop insider threats, and nurture productive workforce activities, wherever they may be racing in the World! With DTEX Workforce Cyber Intelligence Platform, Williams is able to detect cybersecurity threats and monitor user activity without compromising employee privacy, ensuring all 650 employees are able to operate at their optimum level trackside, in office and at home, with confidence and in real-time to optimise team and personal performance.

Tim Hunt, Commercial and Marketing Director of Williams Racing said: “I’m delighted that DTEX Systems have agreed to extend our partnership. As we enter a new era for the team and a period of transformation, our focus on technology and innovation has never been stronger. DTEX Systems provides us with outstanding support in that regard”.

“We use data to monitor and improve performance in every aspect of our personal and professional lives yet enterprises continue to find themselves searching for answers, challenged by high workforce dissatisfaction, wasting millions on technology that is not utilized and responding to data breaches”, said Bahman Mahbod, President and CEO of DTEX Systems.  “Williams Racing is an innovator. They see their workforce as their most important asset. They understand that it must be coached, protected, and supported technically, professionally and operationally in order to succeed. We are thrilled to be working with them to enable and fulfil the corporate athlete culture and commitment that powers their success on and off the track.”

To learn more about Williams Racing Remote Workforce Awareness and Security Initiative in partnership with DTEX Systems, join Graeme Hackland, CIO at Williams Racing and Mohan Koo, Field CTO and Co-founder with DTEX Systems, in this webinar on October 22nd.  Online registration is available here: