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Everyone as a Trusted Insider: An Intelligent Replacement for Employee Monitoring

Everyone as a Trusted Insider: An Intelligence Replacement for Employee Monitoring

Insider threats remain a top concern for nearly half of today’s security teams, with a steady stream of headlines detailing high-profile cyberattacks and data breaches plaguing organizations globally.

Until now, fear and anxiety have largely shaped enterprise security approaches and investments, driving organizations to purchase and deploy readily available solutions that were seemingly capable of helping regain a sense of order and control: namely, legacy employee monitoring solutions. Methods like keystroke logging, video surveillance, and screenshot capture promised to shine a light on all suspicious or dangerous employee behavior.

But, the world has quickly evolved beyond heavy, intrusive methods of traditional monitoring technologies. As employees become intolerant of invasions of their personal privacy, companies who fail to evolve their monitoring approaches only weaken their insider threat defenses.

Now, with the latest technology, gaining full visibility while embracing transparency and respecting employee privacy is possible. This whitepaper outlines the key elements of a new approach to employee monitoring – built on a foundation of user behavior intelligence – including:

Real-time visibility enriched with contextual understandingAdvanced analytics and machine-learning to generate actionable intelligenceLeading with transparency and mutual trust, instead of secrecy and ambiguityEmpowering employees to be assets instead of assuming them as liabilities.