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Energy company case study insider risk management

Case Studies

Protecting Trusted Insiders: How an Energy Company Mitigated a Targeted Phishing Attack

How DTEX helped a large energy organization identify, understand and mitigate a targeted phishing attack.

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Stop Insider Threats Like Roger

An in depth look at how DTEX protects your business from within.

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MITRE and DTEX partnership announcement woman at computer insider threat

Solution Briefs

Insider Threat Protection for the Modern Enterprise

Legacy Insider Threat platforms rely on ‘person of interest’ identification and require time-consuming, full-time analyst interaction.



10 Tips to Strengthen Your Insider Threat Program

Get the right data. It's not enough to have a lot of data. You need data specifically tailored to detecting…

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case study dtex provides visibility and context


The Insider Threat Kill Chain

DTEX analysts have identified the five steps present in nearly all insider attacks, known as the Insider Threat Kill Chain.

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Telecommunications case study for insider risk management

Case Studies

How a National Telecom Company Used DTEX to Build a Data Lineage Program and Solve More Problems with Less Noise

After several failed attempts with other tools, this customer chose DTEX to detect insider threats and establish a data lineage…

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Why understanding insider risk is key to cyber resilience

Case Studies

Financial Services Organization Stops Attack Targeting a Senior Executive

Learn how DTEX's digital forensic capabilities enabled a time to resolution of under 24 hours.

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Everyone as a Trusted Insider: An Intelligence Replacement for Employee Monitoring

White Papers

Everyone as a Trusted Insider: An Intelligent Replacement for Employee Monitoring

Insider threats remain a top concern for nearly half of today’s security teams, with a steady stream of headlines detailing…

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Williams F1 racecar with DTEX logo as official supplier of insider risk management.

Case Studies, Videos

DTEX and Williams Racing: Video Case Study

Learn how Williams Grand Prix Engineering uses DTEX Systems to protect high value intellectual property.

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