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Accelerating Insider Risk Management in the Mining Sector: Case Study

Accelerating Insider Risk Management in the Mining Sector

Over the past few years, insider risk management has become a top priority for critical infrastructure organizations. Organizations in the mining sector face some of the most sophisticated nation-state threat actors that are increasingly targeting insiders for network access. This makes it more important than ever that these enterprises prioritize and dedicate the right resources to mitigate insider risks before an incident occurs.

This case study explores how a global mining company partnered with DTEX to achieve a consolidated approach to insider risk management.

The Challenge

Like most enterprise organizations, this company struggled to manage insider risk effectively at scale.

Before adopting DTEX, the mining provider had an array of technology platforms cutting across the SIEM, endpoint, and cloud security, plus document management and protection. While these individual platforms were effective in their specific domains, the growing need for integration and correlation between them posed numerous challenges.

Through its existing solutions, the company was not able to understand the early warning indicators of concern based on user actions. These legacy solutions lacked the capabilities to integrate meaningful data from various platforms to provide the behavioral context needed to identify and manage insider risks proactively. This fragmented approach resulted in operational inefficiencies, leaving analysts reactive rather than proactive in their risk mitigation efforts.

The Solution

A consolidated approach to insider risk management is critical to proactively mitigating risks in this evolving threat landscape. Enter DTEX InTERCEPT, which emerged as a game-changer.

The ‘single pane of glass’ approach afforded by the DTEX InTERCEPT platform enabled the company to proactively identify risks earlier in the insider threat kill chain.

Before implementing InTERCEPT, investigations could take months, but with DTEX’s integration, this was reduced to a matter of days.

Within six months of implementing DTEX, the mining company achieved a significant reduction of more than 50% in data loss incidents compared to the same period in the previous year.

To learn how this mining company achieved a consolidated approach to insider risk management, download the complete case study.

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