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DTEX Insider Risk Assessment Development Strategy for Partners

Insider risk is the fastest growing area of cybersecurity today. Like the identity and access management projects of several years ago, they are large and provide multiple opportunities for consulting. This is a great opportunity for significant growth in your services practice.

With any customer interested in Insider Risk Management, a great place to start is with an initial assessment. Until now it has been very difficult to conduct this type of assessment without spending weeks sifting through multiple log sources and pivot tables to develop a meaningful report or increasing project scopes that reduce the profitability of the engagement. Now there is a better way.

DTEX has developed a 3-week Insider Risk Assessment that can be leveraged by partners to begin building their practice. The key to this is the simplicity of the DTEX platform, InTERCEPT. First, you begin with outlining the behaviors and use cases that are important to the customer. This helps establish a clear scope for the assessment. Below is an example we use to confirm this with the customer.

Once the use cases are complete, the next step is to confirm the sample users that will be part of the assessment. The key is to have a large enough sample set from a diverse set of groups within the organization. We recommend 250-500 users if possible. The deployment can be done via their RMM tool of choice in a matter of minutes. The install is completely silent and will not impact the performance of the device.

Upon completion of the assessment, DTEX InTERCEPT will provide several reports that will confirm whether their controls are effective. More importantly there is an executive report that details all the gaps and unapproved applications that we observed during the assessment. This not only highlights additional purchases that may be required, but it also sets up a series of projects that will also be required.

Customers find the deliverables are unique and compelling. Our team will be available to support and train your resources. If you would like to learn more, please reach out to me at [email protected].

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