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Major US Lending Company Chooses DTEX to Mitigate Insider Risk

Major US Lending Company Chooses DTEX to Mitigate Insider Risk

Insider risk is fast becoming a top priority for many enterprise organizations, particularly those in critical infrastructure industries. At a time when employee turnover is skyrocketing, companies must remain vigilant about indicators of potential insider risk. This includes activities such as data exfiltration, data obfuscation, timecard fraud and international travel violations, among other red flags.

The harsh reality is that when people leave their job – whether it’s their decision or the company’s decision – they are more likely to try to take sensitive company data with them. Companies are starting to take action to identify these activities as they occur. One such company, one of the largest lending institutions in North America, took a major step toward mitigating insider risk when they selected DTEX, as we announced a few weeks ago.

So why did this household name in lending choose DTEX? The company had stringent requirements, including the ability to gain visibility into user behavior, dynamic risk scoring, and data loss prevention capabilities – and DTEX was the only vendor that could check all the boxes in a single, scalable platform.

Because DTEX InTERCEPT is a lightweight solution – collecting only 3-5 MB of data per user each day – our new customer will be able to mitigate insider risk without draining CPU usage or impacting employee productivity or performance.

As with all DTEX customers, the need for fast and accurate analysis was a top priority for this lender when evaluating insider risk solutions. This was another point in our favor. DTEX InTERCEPT is smart enough to understand the difference between normal and malicious behavior, enabling customers to quickly zero in on insider risks and eliminate false positives.

We are looking forward to working closely with our new customer to help them proactively eliminate insider risks. If you have concerns about the same red flags that this company did, contact us to schedule a demo.