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  • Stop Insider Threats
  • Prevent Data Loss
  • Protect Remote Workers
  • Investigate the Forensics

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DTEX InTERCEPT Next-Gen Insider Threat Management

Insider threats take many different forms in enterprise organizations, making them difficult to detect, investigate and mitigate.

DTEX InTERCEPT is a ‘Next-Gen’ Insider Threat Solution that replaces legacy User Activity Monitoring, Internal Forensics, Endpoint DLP and User Behavior Analytics tools with a light-weight cloud-native platform that has zero impact on user productivity and endpoint performance.

Visibility and Protection in Minutes Not Weeks

Cybersecurity and IT teams do not need more projects, they need enterprise-wide behavioral visibility and threat protection that can be deployed in minutes and actionable insight they can act on in hours.
First Hour

Deploys in Minutes with Near-zero Impact
Lightweight forwarders collect only 3-5MB of data per user/day, create no network impact and do not harm employee productivity or endpoint performance, using less than 0.5% CPU

First Day

Actionable Intelligence and Protection on Day 1
DTEX InTERCEPT delivers enterprise-wide visibility, investigative audit, and protection capabilities within the first 24 hours.

Day 10

Anomaly Detection Engaged
DTEX InTERCEPT begins identifying outlier behavior that may be malicious, negligent or compromised within 10 days of deployment.

Day 20

Automated Security Benchmark Reports
DTEX InTERCEPT calculates an Internal Risk Benchmark and produces an executive overview of organizational risk and actionable recommendations.



Actionable Intelligence
Behavior rules and anomaly detection to catch known and unknown threats

Empower the Analyst
Cut to the chase, focus analysts on real risks

Real-time Answers
Alert stacking and risk scoring for true-positive alerts


GDPR Compliance & Employee Privacy
Security doesn’t need to come at the cost of privacy. InTERCEPT puts privacy first, offering patented pseudonymisation that tokenizes all PII to remove analyst bias and ensure that the data captured is proportionate to the risk.

Automated Insider Risk Reporting
Fully automated CISO Scorecard reports for organizational benchmarking.

Canned Forensic Investigation Reports
Automatically export canned evidence packets for a single user or an entire organizational unit


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