Dtex Intercept

Dtex Intercept Next-Gen Insider Threat Platform

Dtex Intercept is the only next-gen Insider Threat Platform that delivers always-on security to proactively illuminate dangerous activity in real-time across the entire organization, both uncovering risky behavior well before an incident occurs and providing full audit trail after.

Key Features of Dtex Intercept Next-Generation Insider Threat Platform

First Platform that Scales to Protect Millions of Endpoints Concurrently

Unlike other solutions that are restrained to only analyzing people of interest (POI) or devices of interest, Dtex Intercept was purpose-built to scale and protect the entire organization up to millions of users, endpoints including servers continuously.

Patent-Pending DMAP+ Technology Purpose-Built for Insider Threats

Dtex’s Next-Gen Insider Threat Platform protects the entire organization by leveraging DMAP+ Technology. DMAP+ Technology is Dtex's patent-pending, real-time correlation of DMAP (data, machines, applications and people) telemetry, introspection and predictive modeling that leads to detection of highly credible insider threats at scale.

Lightweight Forwarders, Not Intrusive, Unreliable Agents

Dtex Intercept is incredibly lightweight, forwarding just 3-4MB of data per user per day and creating no noticeable network impact. It does not harm employee productivity or endpoint performance (<0.5% CPU), and as a result of this lightweight nature, it can be deployed enterprise wide at full scale. Today’s technological landscape means that it’s never enough to only protect a small portion of your employees. Organizations trust Dtex because it can cover their entire enterprise.

Respect Your Privacy: Patent-Pending Full GDPR Compliance

Security doesn’t need to come at the expense of privacy. Dtex is one of the only security tools to put privacy first, offering patented anonymization features that can obscure all identifying data from user behavior data. In the current public and legal culture, organizations can no longer afford to ignore privacy. Dtex‘s anonymization features mean that it can be deployed even under strict privacy regulations (such as GDPR) and that it doesn’t harm company culture by violating employee privacy.

Deploy in Hours, Not Weeks or Months

In addition to supporting on-premises deployments, Dtex Intercept is also cloud-ready, which means POCs and production deployments can take a matter of hours, not weeks or months. And after rigorous testing, we’ve demonstrated the ability to support even the largest enterrpises with comprehensive endpoint visibility and monitoring at full scale.

Download the Dtex Intercept datasheet 

To learn more about how Dtex Intercept and DMAP+ Technology works, download this datasheet.

What is a Next-Gen Insider Threat Platform?

In order to declutter their defense-in-depth legacy technology that has become increasingly ineffective in detecting and preventing insider threats, global companies are moving toward next-gen insider threat solutions.

Traditional Solutions

  • Don’t scale and thus are limited to only recording activity from persons or devices of interest
  • Rely on 3rd-parties that have limited experience for insider threat correlation and detection
  • Use heavy and unreliable agents to collect large amounts of data per device per day
  • Takes weeks or months to install on only on-premises architectures
  • Don’t provide compliance to global privacy standards such as GDPR

Next-Gen Insider Threat Solutions

  • Scales to the entire organization -- not just persons or devices of interest -- up to millions of users and endpoints including servers continuously
  • Provides deep experience in the detection, prevention and prediction of insider threats with proprietary insider threat correlation vs. relying on 3rd-party SIEMs
  • Collects noise-free telemetry with near-zero impact on users & devices
  • Is cloud-ready so installing and enabling insider threat protection takes only a few hours, not weeks or months
  • Has strong encryption for full GDPR compliance out-of-the-box



Windows, macOS, Linux | Laptops, Desktops, Servers | Virtual Environments (VDI, Citrix)


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98% of organizations have sensitive data publicly exposed online, according to our 2019 Insider Threat Intelligence Report

98 %

Publicly Exposed Data

98% of assessments found customer proprietary information publicly accessible on the web

95 %

Bypass Security

95% of assessments found users actively attempting to circumvent corporate security policies

74 %

Use Unsanctioned Apps

74% of assessments saw the use of unsanctioned portable applications, which are used to bypass security


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