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Preventing Insider Threats in Pharma: Case Study

Preventing Insider Threats in Pharma

Preventing insider threats in the pharmaceutical industry is no small feat. As providers of life-changing medicines, pharmaceutical companies must strike the balance between securing its most sensitive IP and enabling employee innovation. In an effort to achieve this delicate balance, one pharmaceutical company turned to DTEX.

The Challenge

This global pharmaceutical company with more than 50,000 employees was looking for a way to elevate its insider risk management program. The company understood that detecting data exfiltration events after they’d taken place was not enough. In order to protect valuable IP, they needed a solution that would enable early insider risk mitigation.

The urgency to find a proactive insider risk solution was exacerbated by the constant evolution of technologies being used by employees. For example, employees began to use the AI tool ChatGPT, which showed promise for improving productivity. Along with that productivity, though, came a significant risk of data loss. Across the globe, projects to increase productivity were taking place in parallel. The company needed a way to identify insider risks to protect IP early and at scale without stopping employees from being creative and productive.

The Solution

In order to effectively mitigate insider risks, understanding the context around employee behavior is critical. The company’s existing DLP solution was simply not providing this context.

DTEX InTERCEPT provided the company with the contextual intelligence around employee behavior, data movement and application usage in a way that DLP could not. Combining this context with powerful AI/ML capabilities, InTERCEPT provides the company with the flexibility to create custom rules on use cases, such as Chat GPT, so they can understand and manage risk.

The visibility afforded by InTERCEPT has also given the company’s insider risk team the privilege of time to proactively identify and mitigate risk to prevent IP loss occurring in the first place.

The unique telemetry signals from InTERCEPT have also enriched the company’s existing SIEM and NGAV tools by helping to reduce false positives and provide a complete forensic audit trail that supplements machine signals (TTPs) with human behaviors that lead to increased risk before, during, and after an event.

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