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Lynsey Wolf headshot

Lynsey Wolf

DTEX i3 Investigations Team Lead

Lynsey is the i3 Investigations Team Lead at DTEX Systems, where she has worked for the last five years. She…

Armaan Mahbod headshot

Armaan Mahbod

Director, i3 Security and Business Intelligence

Armaan is a seasoned insider threat investigator and researcher, directing the investigation, research, and content development teams for DTEX Systems.

Josh Burdett headshot

Josh Burdett

Strategic Technical Account Manager

Josh is a seasoned business leader and educator, managing strategic relationships to ensure customers realize maximum value from the DTEX…

Andy London headshot

Andy London

Sr. Director of Solutions Engineering & Architecture

Seasoned cyber security professional with more than 20 years of experience in technical pre-sales and services. As director of Solutions…

Musa Ishaq DTEX i3 Team

Musa Ishaq

Senior Insider Threat Investigator

Musa is a key member of the DTEX i3 Investigations Team as a Senior Insider Threat Investigator, utilizing his 10+…

Kellie Roessler

Kellie Roessler

Insider Risk Advocate & Author | i3 Content Lead

As the Insider Risk Advocate & Author | i3 Content Lead at DTEX Systems, Kellie is charged with capturing the…

Christopher Burgess headshot

Christopher Burgess

Christopher Burgess is a writer, speaker and commentator on security issues. He is a former senior security advisor to Cisco,…

Brian Stoner

Rajan Koo headshot

Rajan Koo


Rajan Koo is the CTO and head of DTEX’s Insider Investigations & Intelligence (i3) team. He is responsible for developing,…

Denis Eversen Chief Revenue Officer DTEX

Denis Eversen


As DTEX Systems’ Chief Revenue Officer, Denis Eversen leads the organization’s worldwide sales, channel and partnership functions with strategy and…

Mohan Koo headshot

Mohan Koo


Mohan Koo is widely recognised as a thought leader in cybersecurity, with a specific passion for bridging the gap between…

Marshall Heilman DTEX Systems CEO

Marshall Heilman

Chief Executive Officer

Marshall Heilman is the Chief Executive Officer for DTEX Systems, the global leader for insider risk management. Marshall has more…

Erin Winchester Director of Product Marketing

Erin Winchester

Director of Product Marketing

With over 10 years in cybersecurity marketing, Erin has spent the last 5+ years focused on threat detection and response…

Sue Poremba

Sue Poremba

Sue Poremba is a cybersecurity and technology writer based in Central Pennsylvania. Sue has covered the security industry since 2008,…