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Kaseya ransomware attack underlines vendor accountability

The Kaseya VSA breach may prove a major turning point for MSPs' relationships with their IT services software vendors; other…

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The State Of Data, June 2021

Data is eating the world, continuing to impact every aspect of our lives. Here’s the data on the state-of-data in…

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Many companies believe it is important to protect employee privacy, yet few are effective in doing so

DTEX Systems released a report which revealed a significant workforce privacy gap.

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Many businesses fail to protect employee data effectively

Most business leaders want to keep their employee data secure, but many fail to do so. This is according to…

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13 Smart Strategies To Strengthen Your Company’s Insider Threat Program

In today’s digital workplace, companies don’t only have to protect themselves from outside hackers — they also have to develop…

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Security pros struggle to balance monitoring of remote workforces with privacy expectations

The perform-from-property revolution ushered in by COVID-19 has created new challenges for corporations wanting to check their employees’ efficiency and…

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Huge gap in workforce privateness, 63% of organisations want employee privateness, only 34% achieve it

DTEX Systems has launched a brand new report highlighting a big gap in workforce privateness, with 63% of IT professionals…

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DTEX Study Finds Organizations Struggle to Keep Employee Privacy Intact

DTEX Systems, recently announced its inaugural State of Workforce Privacy & Risk Report, which revealed a significant workforce privacy gap.

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Employee Privacy Gap Discovered

Two thirds of organizations are not effective at protecting the privacy of their employees, according to new research conducted by…

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A Lot Fourteen Collision Sparks a Deal Forged in Silicon Valley Boardrooms

Splunk & DTEX have formed a strategic integration partnership to enable consolidation of the enterprise security stack, empowering customers to…

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15 Tech Industry Leaders Share Best Practices For Effective Beta Testing

Focused on the insights of potential users, beta testing is one of the most vital steps in the development of…

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DTEX Case Study: Williams Racing

View this case study to learn how Williams Racing has applied Workforce Cyber Intelligence to keep its employees, equipment and…

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