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The Neglected Threat: Insider Risks Remain Unaddressed in Cyber Budgets

In fact, a new global study by the Ponemon Institute (News - Alert) and DTEX Systems reveals that insider risks,…

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To mitigate insider risk, focus on people and not technology

Insider risk poses the most serious threat to data and operations, yet most organizations still lack a security strategy designed…

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Insider risks are getting increasingly costly

The cost of cybersecurity threats caused by organization insiders rose over the course of 2023, according to a new report…

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Organisations failing to proactively address insider cyber risk

With the cost of insider risk the highest it’s ever been, cyber leaders are failing to direct their budgets towards…

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55% of insider threats come from a negligent or mistaken insider

The causes and costs of insider threats were analyzed in a recent report by DTEX Systems. According to the report,…

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#NITAM: Average Annual Cost of Insider Incidents Reaches $16.2m Per Organization

The average annual cost of insider risk incidents has risen to $16.2m per organization in 2023, up from $15.4m in…

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Mitigating the three types of non-malicious insider risk

Some people do not see the big picture, thinking there is only one type of insider risk (i.e. malicious). As…

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5 Early Warning Indicators That Are Key to Protecting National Secrets

The US Department of Defense (DoD) will create an insider threat office to monitor employees following a review into the…

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Threat Management Partnership: Insider Threat Defense Group, DTEX Systems Announce Pact

Insider Threat Defense Group (ITDG) and DTEX Systems are partnering to help organizations “enhance their insider risk management capabilities and…

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Australian Cybersecurity Magazine

DTEX Partners with Defence Trailblazer

DTEX Systems has partnered with the Defence Trailblazer program, as one of 35 industry partners to join the $240 million…

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CyberBytes Podcast Armaan Mahbod

The Insider Threat and The Real Risk to Enterprises with Armaan Mahbod

This week’s guest we have Armaan Mahbod, Director of Security and Business Intelligence at DTEX Systems. A seasoned insider threat…

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Curbing Bias And Insider Risk

The rise of generative artificial intelligence (AI) has created a media frenzy around the implications of bias. At its worse,…

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