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The Difference is Human
How MITRE is Utilizing Behavioral Science to Protect Against Insider Risks

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A special briefing on insider risk management, featuring our guests:

Julie Bowen
Senior Vice President, Operations Outreach;
Chief Legal Officer

Chris Folk
Director of Cyber Partnerships and Policy

Dr. Deanna Caputo
Chief Scientist for Behavioral Sciences; Cybersecurity

Jane Wong
Vice President, Security Products

Joseph Blankenship
VP Security; Risk
Forrester Research

Scott Wilkie
Global Cyber Leader Innovation
& Acquisitions; Global Cyber
Leader Defense, Security & Justice

Mohan Koo
Co-founder and CTO
DTEX Systems


Monday, June 6
4 – 7PM PT
Palace Hotel, San Francisco

*Registration & Attendance Pre-Approval Required

Executive Briefing Overview

The rise of the Remote Age has caused all of us to rethink our approach to enterprise cyber security. Proliferating access. Home offices. Social media. Insider threats. However you describe it, the challenge for enterprises today is a human one. And so is the opportunity, because employee behavior is the missing piece of intelligence you need to better secure your data and build a more resilient organization.

Join Julie Bowen, SVP of Operations, Outreach and Chief Legal Officer of The MITRE Corporation alongside Chris Folk, Director of Cyber Partnerships and Policy, and Dr. Deanna Caputo, Chief Scientist for Behavioral Sciences & Cybersecurity, also with the MITRE Corporation, as they discuss MITRE’s research in the area of behavioral science, and how it is serving as the foundation for MITRE’s new Insider Risk Mitigation Framework. Bowen, Folk, and Caputo will also discuss new opportunities for government and private industry partnerships to conduct applied collaborative research to advance next-generation cyber risk initiatives.

MITRE’s one-hour presentation will be followed by a 45-minute executive roundtable discussion led by Joseph Blankenship, Vice President and Research Director of Forrester’s Risk and Security Practice, where topics including insider risk management, behavioral data loss prevention and remote work security will be discussed in the context of the information shared by MITRE, as well as Forrester’s latest research. Jane Wong, Vice President Security Products at Splunk, Scott Wilkie, Global Cyber Leader Innovation & Acquisitions; Global Cyber Leader Defense, Security & Justice at Deloitte, and Mohan Koo, Co-founder and CTO with DTEX Systems, will also join the panel as special guests.

All guests in attendance will receive an official Williams F1 Racing team jacket.

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