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Cyphort Teams Up With Dtex Systems to Fight Network Cybersecurity Threats From the Inside

Through Dtex’s Lightweight Endpoint Solution and Cyphort’s Next Generation APT Defense Approach, Customers Will Have Real-Time Visibility Into Advanced Threats and User Behavior Across the Organization

SAN JOSE, CA–(Marketwired – Sep 29, 2015) –  Dtex Systems, a global insider threat protection company, and Cyphort, a pioneer of Next Generation Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) solutions, today announced a strategic technology partnership that will enable faster detection and remediation of targeted attacks, zero day vulnerabilities and malware. Cyphort’s ATD technology reveals when threats are traversing the network, either to or from the Internet as well as laterally within an organization, and has the ability to detect a wide range of malware variants used in some of the largest attacks. The solution will combine Cyphort’s advanced network-based threat detection technology with Dtex’s unique endpoint visibility to empower customers to protect their assets from advanced attacks on or off-network. Additionally, Cyphort’s solution will be able to query endpoints for known IoCs (Indicators of Compromise) to identify compromised endpoints across the entire enterprise attack surface.

Dtex Systems has spent 15 years developing the market’s most lightweight and privacy-compliant endpoint security micro-agent. The solution can be rapidly deployed across thousands of company endpoints without hindering device or network performance. Dtex technology gives enterprises an unmatched view into activity across the organization to quickly and effectively mitigate threats ranging from intellectual property theft, attacks launched by malicious insiders with access to internal systems, and accidental disclosure of sensitive materials by employees. The company’s endpoint technology only captures metadata and automatically strips out all user information, providing a non-invasive, privacy-compliant solution right out of the box.

“To stay ahead of the threat landscape, it is critical for enterprises to have complete visibility into their network,” says Anthony James, Vice President of Products and Marketing at Cyphort. “Our partnership with Dtex allows organizations to feel confident they are being protected from attacks originating both outside and inside the organization.”

Through the partnership with Dtex, Cyphort customers will have the ability to:

Secure remote users from malwareBe alerted to endpoint infections and expedite targeted, accurate remediationIdentify exactly where an attack sits in the kill chain and determine which endpoint is the source of malware

“The constantly evolving nature of cyber attacks requires a high level of vigilance from network security experts, and Cyphort’s easy-to-deploy solution has a strong reputation for arming organizations with 360-degree visibility into external threats while providing them with automated malware containment that makes remediation simple,” said Mohan Koo, CEO of Dtex Systems. “Now customers can protect their organizations from threats driven by risky user behavior by providing real-time visibility across the human layer of the organization, both within and beyond the network.”

About Dtex Systems

Dtex Systems is a global insider threat protection company that prevents cyber security breaches originating within an organization while protecting employee privacy. Dtex gives enterprises unmatched visibility across all endpoints to stop intellectual property theft, malicious insider attacks and the accidental disclosure of sensitive materials. Its flagship micro-agent is the first truly lightweight, massively scalable and privacy-compliant solution that can be quickly deployed across thousands of company endpoints with no noticeable system or network impact. Dtex Systems is headquartered in San Jose, California, with offices around the world. To learn more, please visit