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Dtex Systems and Delv Partner to Empower Australian Government Organizations with Leading User Behaviour Intelligence Solution

Supports Australia’s Deep Commitment to Fostering Cyber Security Innovation and Growth, Strengthening Security Offerings and Establishing Global Leadership Position

SAN JOSE, CA and CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA — June 12, 2017 – Dtex Systems™, a leader in user behaviour intelligence and insider threat detection, today announced that it has signed a partner agreement with Delv, leaders in security and mobility services across Australia. Under the agreement, Delv will deliver the Dtex Advanced User Behaviour Intelligence Platform — a powerful solution combining endpoint-based user visibility with adaptive analytics — alongside Dtex and Delv’s robust professional services offerings to the Australian Government.

Delv and Dtex are pleased to be part of the global cyber security market, currently valued at more than AU$100 billion and expected to more than double by 2020. The new partnership strengthens Australia’s cyber security capabilities, and ensures both businesses and government organizations are equipped with the skills and technology needed to address the growing threat of malicious cyber activity.

The threat is so significant, in fact, that the Australian Government has set forth a national Cyber Security Strategy, a philosophy and program for meeting the security challenges, risks and opportunities presented by the digital age. In addition to emphasizing a commitment to fostering innovation and growth through strong cyber security, the Strategy outlines plans to invest more than AU$230 million to enhance Australia’s cyber security capabilities.

This includes more than AU$30 million to establish a Cyber Security Growth Centre – the Australian Cyber Security Growth Network (ACSGN) — an industry-led, not-for-profit company responsible for growing Australia’s cyber security sector and deepening Australia’s understanding of the importance of a cyber-secure economy. The ACSGN is working closely with Australia’s cyber security sector to take advantage of the growing global market for cyber security products and services.

“We are truly excited to see Dtex, a company with both roots in Australia and years of formative growth in Silicon Valley, returning to the local market to join forces with a leading Australian security services provider,” said Michelle Price, Chief Operating Officer at ACSGN. “It’s a signal that our economy is in a phase of significant growth around secure technology, and we’re ready to establish and support a thriving cyber security ecosystem. Not only will this partnership enable today’s Australian businesses to identify and combat potentially catastrophic security threats, but can inspire our next generation to help build the cyber-secure businesses and solutions of tomorrow.”

Delv has deep experience in developing, deploying and supporting security and mobility services for both government and private sector organizations. The company’s most recent focus has been on securing end-user devices and associated user data. Delv is expanding that focus to address the larger enterprise security challenges resulting from user behaviour, both negligent and malicious. With roots in Canberra, Delv has a strong understanding of public sector requirements — particularly in the areas of governance, compliance and the need to deliver an integrated approach to cyber security.

“Delv is recognized as a highly respected, trusted industry partner by public and private organizations across Australia and we are excited to work together to protect the government sector from the potentially catastrophic effects of data loss while playing a part in boosting the country’s cyber security capabilities,” said Mohan Koo, CTO and Co-Founder of Dtex Systems. “Insider threats require a unique, comprehensive approach that goes far beyond traditional network defenses and legacy security technologies. To successfully identify and mitigate these threats, it is imperative to analyze and build a contextual understanding of user behaviour while also putting a clear focus on maintaining user privacy.”

“The cyber security landscape is currently serviced by a range of products. At Delv, we have been on the hunt for new and innovative approaches that can extend an agency’s security capabilities,” said Sam Smair, CEO of Delv. “In general, we have always maintained a strong focus on new products that complement an organization’s existing security posture, technology and processes, and come with integrated data analytics. Dtex, with the unique and powerful ability to close major security gaps caused by negligent and malicious insider behaviour, as well as integrate with existing security log data management and analysis tools, fits this context perfectly. “

Recognized as a pioneer in insider threat detection, Dtex understands the wide range of insider threat types — including negligent users, malicious actors and outside infiltrators — and is tuned to pinpoint them with greater accuracy than legacy enterprise security vendors without compromising user privacy or productivity. With the industry’s most comprehensive library of hundreds of known user threat behaviour patterns — enhanced with advanced risk modeling and combined risk scoring — the Dtex Advanced User Behaviour Intelligence Platform can identify abnormal user behaviour and provide contextual insights that help inform action.

To ensure visibility into user activity without impeding user productivity, Dtex employs an ultra-lightweight data collection method that can be deployed in just hours with no network impact. The platform also provides anonymization capabilities to strip metadata of any identifying information to maintain user privacy, deeming it suitable for use even under the strictest privacy laws and within the most sensitive government and public sector environments.

For more information about Dtex and the company’s Advanced User Behaviour Intelligence Platform, visit For more information about Delv, visit

About Dtex SystemsDtex Systems arms enterprises across the globe with revolutionary technology to protect against user threats, data breaches, and outsider infiltration. As the only solution combining unparalleled endpoint visibility with advanced analytics, Dtex is able to pinpoint threats with greater accuracy than traditional security methods without adversely impacting user productivity. To learn more, visit

About DelvDelv has a successful background in the architecture, design, deployment and support of security and mobility services for government and private sector organizations. Having been recognized by the Australian business press as a “Fast 100” company, Delv continues to expand in the areas of service provision and security. Delv has a strong focus on security for endpoints as well as maintaining a strong focus on positive outcomes for clients and staff alike. Delv prides itself on finding innovative and quality technology partners that complement our existing capabilities and satisfy gaps in our client’s requirements. To learn more, visit