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Dtex Systems Delivers Comprehensive User Threat Detection Solution with Expanded Platform Capabilities and Service Offerings

Security-as-a-service enables enterprises of all sizes to leverage the power of endpoint visibility and advanced user behavior analytics

November 2, 2016 5:00 AM Eastern Time

SAN JOSE, CA (November 2, 2016) – Dtex Systems™, a leading user threat detection provider, today announced expanded platform capabilities and new security-as-a-service offerings, delivering the industry’s most comprehensive solution for identifying and mitigating user threat at the endpoint. The Dtex User Threat Platform provides enhanced endpoint visibility and monitoring, rich data collection and extensive user behavior analytics, with multiple new service offerings – Dtex Signal, Dtex Enterprise, and Dtex Platinum – designed to meet the needs of enterprises of all sizes.

“Today’s organizations are facing a complex scenario where the rapidly increasing need to provide workplace mobility and remote user access introduces a host of new security challenges,” said Alex Harwood, IT manager at Prodrive, a Dtex customer. “To successfully protect sensitive data and valuable IP, it is imperative to build a defense with a core focus on user threat detection.”

According to the 2015 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, people are the common root cause in 90 percent of total reported security incidents. At the same time, a recent market research study reveals that 82 percent of IT decision-makers are experiencing a shortage of cyber-security skills within their organization, leaving them more vulnerable to insider and user threats. To address this resource deficit, the Dtex User Threat Solution offers a range of service options to augment existing capabilities within security teams, including access to expert personnel for advanced threat analytics, development of in-depth user threat assessments, assistance with user threat investigations, and enhancement of rule libraries to identify new types of threats.

“Across the industry, we see increasing attacks that focus on vulnerable insiders,” said Christy Wyatt, CEO at Dtex. “Whether it is malicious or negligent users, or actors leveraging stolen credentials, the organizations most successful in mitigating insider threat will be those that make the investment in comprehensive and scalable endpoint detection/prevention solutions that provide a deep, contextual understanding of user behavior.”

The latest version of Dtex User Threat Platform delivers the industry’s most comprehensive endpoint user behavior analytics capabilities, offering deeper contextual insights into abnormal user behavior with advanced risk modeling and combined risk scoring. This includes the industry’s most comprehensive library of hundreds of known user threat behavior patterns – enabling organizations to start to analyze internal risks within hours. The Dtex User Threat Platform is then able to self-tune by continuously studying and learning user patterns, allowing it to better identify anomalies and address risky or negligent behavior while avoiding the burden of false positives. To ensure visibility into user activity without impeding user productivity, Dtex leverages an ultra-lightweight collector on the endpoint that can be deployed in just hours with no network impact, and provides anonymization capabilities to strip metadata of any identifying information to maintain user privacy.

Other notable new features available with the Dtex User Threat Platform include:

A new highly scalable data pipeline (SDP), delivering a high reliability, low cost approach to monitoring thousands of usersA new, more dynamic user interface, enabling more granular drill down into alerts, flexible data exploration, and custom visualizationsEnhanced platform support with updated Mac and Windows agents

For more information on the Dtex User Threat Platform, including platform capabilities, detailed service offerings and pricing, visit

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Dtex Systems arms enterprises across the globe with revolutionary technology to protect against user threats, data breaches, and outsider infiltration. As the only solution combining unparalleled endpoint visibility with advanced analytics, Dtex is able to pinpoint threats with greater accuracy than traditional security methods without adversely impacting user productivity. To learn more, visit