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DTEX to Host Insider Risk Management Virtual Conference with the SANS Institute

Thought Leaders from Williams Racing, The MITRE Corporation, Ponemon Institute, SANS Institute and More Gather to Discuss and Discover Solutions to Manage the Growing Insider Risk Challenge

SAN JOSE, Calif. – August 5, 2021 – DTEX Systems, the Workforce Cyber Intelligence & Security CompanyTM, today announced it will exclusively sponsor the upcoming 2021 Insider Risk Management Solution Forum alongside the SANS Institute. The event is free to attendees and will take place online on Wednesday, September 1st from 11am-3pm ET and will draw speakers from organizations including Williams Racing, The MITRE Corporation, Eaton, Ponemon Institute, Gilead Sciences, Inc., Splunk Inc. SANS Institute, DTEX and more.

Coinciding with the start of Insider Threat Awareness Month, this half-day event is intended for security and risk leaders tasked with managing the growing insider risk challenge. In its 2020 Insider Threat Report, DTEX identifieda 450% increase in employees circumventing security controls to intentionally mask online activities and a 230% increase in behaviors that indicate intent to steal data.

“The insider risk challenge has only been exacerbated by the shift to remote work and today’s evolving workplace models,” said Matt Bromiley, Certified Instructor, SANS Institute and Senior Principal Consultant, Mandiant. “As insider threats persist and evolve, industry leading experts and organizations must come together to collaborate and share practical knowledge to stay one step ahead of both the attacks of malicious insiders and the consequences of negligent employee behavior. I’m looking forward to hosting this virtual gathering of thought leaders and helping to mitigate this area of risk across the board.”

During the event, thought leaders, subject matter experts, behavioral scientists and practitioners will share research, discuss success and failures, and debate best practices for addressing the cultural, operational and security challenges associated with protecting trusted employees, identifying insider threats and securing valuable IP without invading privacy. Specifically, topics to be covered include:

  • Protecting the remote workforce
  • The rise in social espionage and insider recruitment
  • User behavior analytics against the demand for privacy
  • Malicious insider behavioral characteristics and activity sequences
  • How to partner with legal and HR teams to protect employees and data

Attendees will gain valuable lessons on how to design, build and operationalize insider risk management programs to detect malicious and compromised insiders, prevent data loss, monitor servers and packaged applications, and enrich SOC operations with ‘Indicators of Intent’ that improve accuracy and mean time to event resolution.

“Workforce Cyber Intelligence & Security is something every organization and enterprise must embrace,” said Jonathan W. Daly, Chief Marketing Officer with DTEX Systems. “The workforce is the new firewall. Every human is a source of intelligence whose activities, behavior, intent, location, data usage, communications patterns and more tell a story. This event is about how we as organizations and practitioners become aware of that story and embrace it to build programs and strategies that protect the human, defend the data and eliminate the threats. It is possible and we’re proud to be working with Matt Bromiley, SANS Institute and our customers and partners to make this forum a reality.”

To register for the free Insider Risk Management Virtual Conference taking place on September 1, 2021 from 11am-3pm ET and review the full agenda and speakers, please visit: 2021 Insider Risk Management Solutions Forum.

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