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Social Entertainment Company Chooses DTEX to Distinguish and Mitigate Insider Risks

Popular social media company takes proactive step towards safeguarding sensitive customer data and intellectual property (IP) by selecting DTEX as its trusted partner for insider risk management.

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DTEX Systems, the global leader for insider risk management, today announced that a leading social entertainment company has selected InTERCEPT as its technology platform for protecting sensitive customer and data IP from different insider risks.

Based in California, the company recognized the critical need to identify, discern and mitigate insider risks. This includes malicious insiders who threatened the unauthorized disclosure of data, as well as outsmarted insiders who risked being socially engineered into giving away sensitive data in exchange for financial gain.

Facing the pressing challenges of data exfiltration and the imperative of gaining visibility into actionable data sets, the company sought an agile solution that could balance employee privacy with security. Remarkably, in a field where procurement cycles typically span 14 weeks, the company completed its evaluation and procurement process with DTEX in just five days. This speed was driven by the urgency of the situation and a thorough review of four other potential vendors that saw DTEX stand out as the clear choice.

The company’s leadership recognized that adherence to regional laws and regulations was non-negotiable. In fact, without DTEX’s ability to deliver on these regulations, the company would not have been able to operate in country. Licensed for 4,000 endpoints, they were able to deploy 3,800 of them with DTEX’s help in less than one month, addressing their urgent security needs swiftly and at scale.

“The exposure of sensitive personal data and IP can have dire reputational, legal and financial ramifications, particularly when that data belongs to high-profile individuals such as celebrities, politicians, and billionaires,” said DTEX President and Co-Founder Mohan Koo.

“The DTEX InTERCEPT platform provides an essential layer of protection to prevent scenarios where departing employees take customer data and contacts, becoming targets for nefarious actors or global hacking organizations. We are thrilled to support this important customer by empowering them to identify and mitigate risks quickly, early, and at scale.”

DTEX stood out due to its ease of use, clean and actionable reporting capabilities and the ability to address multiple use cases from a single, cohesive platform. InTERCEPT acts as a force multiplier, significantly reducing false positives, eliminating white noise while maximising valuable time and financial resources, especially for those companies that are understaffed.

This partnership is a testament to the commitment of both parties to secure sensitive data in an increasingly complex threat landscape.

About DTEX Systems

As the global leader for insider risk management, DTEX empowers organizations to prevent data loss and support a trusted workforce by stopping insider risks from becoming insider threats. Its InTERCEPT™ platform consolidates data loss prevention, user and entity behavioral analytics, and user activity monitoring in a single light-weight platform to detect and mitigate insider risks well before data loss occurs. Combining AI/ML with behavioral indicators, DTEX enables proactive insider risk management at scale without sacrificing employee privacy or network performance.


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