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  • 2/25/2019: Dtex, Insider Threat, Privacy New & Analysis: Gartner's Litan Calls Out Dtex as Missing Piece in Corporate Security, Dtex Threat Analyst Team Earns Top Honor

2/25/2019: Dtex, Insider Threat, Privacy New & Analysis: Gartner’s Litan Calls Out Dtex as Missing Piece in Corporate Security, Dtex Threat Analyst Team Earns Top Honor

The Dtex 2019 Insider Threat Intelligence Report continues to drive headlines, especially around the role negligent users play in causing data breaches. Among the news sources adding to continued coverage were Dark Reading and Help-Net Security.

In Human Negligence to Blame for the Majority of Insider Threats, Steve Zurier wrote:

In 98% of the assessments conducted for its research, Dtex found employees exposed proprietary company information on the Web – a 20% jump from 2018.

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of insider threats are caused by users who introduce risk due to careless behavior or human error, according to new research from Dtex. This compares to 13% of threats due to compromised credentials and 23% caused by intent on harming the organization.

Quoted in the Dark Reading article was Gartner’s Avivah Litan. As an industry watcher who understands the intricacies of enterprise security, she was quick to call out the vital role that Dtex plays in providing analytics that help to understand user profiles and roles. Zurier wrote:

Avivah Litan, a vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner, says this emerging field of user behavior analytics has been a missing piece in corporate security profiles – until now.

“Dtex and other companies, along with the traditional SIEM vendors, have solutions … that sit on the user’s device and can see things that you can’t see from the cloud,” Litan says. “Companies need to take a look at monitoring users, but do it in a way that respects privacy.”

Also writing about the report was HelpNet Security. In Exposure of sensitive data via cloud applications and services increases 20%, the news source reported:

98% of assessments discovered sensitive and confidential information exposed and available online and in the cloud; found primarily in Dropbox, Google G Suite, and Microsoft Office 365. This was an increase of 20% over 2018.

Bringing Home Gold

The Dtex Insider Threat Analyst Team was named by the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards as the “Cybersecurity Team of the Year” Gold winner for North America. The team was recognized for its outstanding work, research and contributions it makes to Dtex customers and the security community overall. The team further differentiated itself by being the driving force behind the annual Dtex Insider Threat Intelligence Report. Now regarded as the standard for understanding and addressing the insider threat.

The Dtex Advanced Enterprise DMAP Intelligence Platform was also recognized with high honors by the awards organization. Named the Silver Winner for “Insider Threat Solutions,” it was noted for its ability to provide real-time visibility over user behaviors and activities, detect insider threats and generate alerts when high-risk behaviors take place, patented anonymization capabilities that ensure privacy and compliance, and ability to scale across enterprise environments.

The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards have come to be regarded as a preeminent honor in the industry. The awards is an annual competition honoring individuals and companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in information security. Born out of the world’s largest LinkedIn community, the Information Security Group, which extends across hundreds of thousands of community members.